Spider-Man No Way Home 2nd Day (Friday) Collection Early Trends, It's Huge Again

Spider-Man No Way Home has rocked Indian Box Office again for the second day running. As early trends for the day are coming in, the film has held extremely well on day 2. In fact, the drop from the first day is absolutely nominal. This is great considering the film had a historic opening day.

Spider-Man opens with 40-45% occupancy in the morning shows today. Film registered 45-50% occupancy for noon shows. The film has shown growth from evening onward and as per the latest registering 55% occupancy. When samples are compared than a drop of 25% around is seen. Drop is acceptable and hold is fantastic.

Occupancy Report for Friday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 40-45% (Thu - 60-65%)

Noon - 45-50% (Thu - 60-65%)

Night - 55% (Thu - 65-70%)

The early trend suggests Spider-Man Second Day Box Office Collection in India is heading towards a huge 23-25 crore net range. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary. Also, major reports from interiors are awaited at this moment. Night shows are just started and reports are awaited. 

Spider-Man two day total is heading towards a massive 55-57 crore net range. The film is on track to touch 100 crore net in India and in all likelihood should touch this feat by the daytime of Sunday. Trending so far is excellent and we are all heading towards a huge Saturday (3rd Day) and a historic Sunday (4th Day) now.


  1. Salman Antim first day 5cr.
    Record breaking business by Salman!!

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