Pushpa Hindi has Gone Nuts on 2nd Monday (11th Day)

Pushpa Hindi is trending extraordinarily so far in India. The film has gone to the next level and simply gone nuts on the 2nd Monday (11th day). Day 11 box office numbers have come higher than 2nd Friday.

We are simply falling short of every adjective to state the trending of the Pushpa Hindi version. A 30-40% drop on Monday from Friday is stated as a good hold. Then what we will say about the growth then?

Pushpa Hindi has collected 2.75 crore net approx on day 11. Film registered a growth of 15-20% from 2nd Friday which was never heard of. Can't remember when last time this has happened. Pushpa's total collection in Hindi currently stands at 39.9 crore net approx and the film can go anywhere. It looks like only RRR can stop Pushpa now.

Finally have to say that everyone, be it, exhibitors, distributors, or even trade, literally everyone thought that Pushpa Hindi will be just a flower at the box office. But it has emerged as a WildFire and is spreading like anything.

Pushpa Hindi Collection (Nett) - 

Friday - 3.3 crore net

Saturday - 3.8 crore net

Sunday - 5.55 crore net

Monday - 3.7 crore net

Tuesday - 3.6 crore net

Wednesday - 3.5 crore net

Thursday - 3.4 crore net

2nd Friday - 2.3 crore net

2nd Saturday - 3.75 crore net

2nd Sunday - 4.25 crore net

2nd Monday - 2.75 crore net approx

Total - 39.9 crore net approx

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