Antim Third Week Box Office Update and Verdict

Antim: The Final Truth is enjoying a decent third week at the box office. Although film reported drop on 3rd Friday showed big jump on 3rd Saturday. Then film followed it up with good growth on 3rd Sunday. The film is steady on 3rd Monday and looks like a decent week three on cards now.

Antim started the week with 25 lakh net approx on Day 15. The film showed a growth of 100% on Day 16 and collected around 50 lakh net. The film showed further jump on Day 17 and collected 65 lakh net approx. 

As weekdays started film showed a solid hold on 3rd Monday (Day 18) and added 20 lakh net approx. The film has collected nearly the same on 3rd Tuesday (Day 19) also. There will be minimal drop on 3rd Wednesday (Day 20). However, as the screen will be reduced significantly from 3rd Thursday, it will have an impact on the film progress. The film is doing decently on single screens and may do so for some more weeks. But those collections will not make much of a difference in the final long run in India.

Antim Third Week Box Office Collection is heading towards a 2.1 crore net finish. The actuals will be a little higher or lower but numbers will be around that range. Thus, the film total collection at the end of week three is heading towards 39.5 crore net approx. Film lifetime collection is heading towards 40.5 crore net approx.

As for the box office verdict, it will emerge as an Average or Above-average film. In some places, the film is a Hit whereas in others it is plain average. As for the recovery, everyone involved with it will recover their investment or will make some kind of profit.

At one point in the first-week film was looking for an outright Hit. However, the film fall behind in the second week and it took down the film from Hit zone to the Average zone.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday - 5 crore net

Saturday - 6 crore net

Sunday - 7.6 crore net

Monday - 3.25 crore net

Tuesday - 2.9 crore net

Wednesday - 2.5 crore net

Thursday - 2.1 crore net

Week 1 - 29.35 crore net

2nd Friday - 1.25 crore net

2nd Saturday - 1.75 crore net

2nd Sunday - 2.25 crore net

2nd Monday - Thursday - 2.75 crore net

Week 2 - 8 crore net

Week 3 - 2.1 crore net (expected)

Total - 39.45 crore net (expected)


  1. It is being said that the budget is 45cr.
    In that case, the movie will be a theatrical Flop?

  2. Pls do more research before droping any comment,the budget is 35cr stop lying

    1. 45.00 Crores [35.00 Cr (Production Cost) + 10.00 Cr (Prints & Publicity)]

  3. It's not like that. Please see the records of the past movies. If net collections nears the cost, verdict is average of above average, if net collections fall way behind than it is called flop and if film didn't even collects half of its budget like SMJ 2 than it is disaster. In this case, it would be an average or abover average.

  4. @Addatoday: I like your way of presentation of information but one thing what you lact is detailed analysis. You blindly noted in Antim that the collections feom the 2nd week has been fallen but you didn't give reason for that. On the very 2nd week, sajid nadidawala's directorial 'Tadap' was released than chandigarh kare aashiqui and now spider man, so it was impossible for Antim to reach 50 cr target practically. If Antim was given 2 week free run than it would have definitely crossed 50 cr mark.

    1. Good points, but Tadap and CKA should not be competing with Salman's Antim.

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