Antim 2nd Wednesday (13th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Antim: The Final Truth box office collection is coming to a lower level now. Yes, the film will collect till the big release of 83 but it will all be at a low level. 

Antim has opened to 4% occupancy in the morning shows of day 13. For the same, previous day occupancy was 4-5%. It means a nominal drop is seen which is acceptable.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

2nd Wednesday - 4%

2nd Tuesday - 4-5%

2nd Monday - 5%

2nd Sunday - 15-16%

2nd Saturday - 10%

2nd Friday - 6-7%

Thursday - 8%

Wednesday - 8-9%

Tuesday - 9%

Monday - 9-10%

Sunday - 15-20%

Saturday - 12%

Friday - 10-11%

Antim is heading for a life time finish of 40-42 crore net mark. That will be a decent number considering all factors surrounding the film. However, it could also have been better considering film starred Salman Khan in the second lead.


  1. 4% occupancy only? If a theatre had 100 seats, only 4 people turned up.
    Salmon stardom is fading fast.

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