Antim 11th Day (2nd Monday) Collection Early Trends

Antim: The Final Truth is showing a good hold on Second Monday (11th day) as early trends for the day is coming in. Film is reporting a minimal drop in comparison to 2nd Friday. Despite good hold, collections have come down to a lower level but it should be steady for the next few days.

Antim occupancy details for day 11 are given below. When samples of 2nd Monday are compared to 2nd Friday then a business drop of 35-40% is seen. Occupancy drop is even less as ticket prices are less today. Any collection drop in the region of 40-45% is good. In the case of Antim, it is less.

Occupancy Report for 2nd Monday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 5%

Noon - 7%

Night - 11-12%

The early trend suggests Antim Second Monday Box Office Collection is heading towards a 75-80 lakh net range. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary.

Antim has collected 34.6 crore net so far and should touch 35 crore net by the end of the day. The lifetime business is trending towards 40-42 crore net range now.


  1. Movie finished on 11th day?
    Salman stardom is decreasing fast.

    1. Movie is finished but stardom is not finished ok stardom of akshay kumar is already finished most huype movie sooryvanshi not able to cross 200cr
      You compare akshay kumar lead movie with cameo movie hahahahaha

    2. Thats why yash raj offer 350cr budget movie to salmqn khan 150cr offer for baijaan by nadiwala hahaha stardom of salman khan is increases day by day by one movie not effect salman stardom

  2. If this movie earn 80 lac in monday it is good collection friday is 1.25cr
    It very good collection
    Lifetime 45cr
    Verdict hit due to cameo of salman this movie earn 40+cr otherwise 30 cr is impossible for this movie

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