83 Friday (1st Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows, Decent Start

83 movie is the biggest release of this week and is easily one of the biggest releases of the year. As early reports for morning shows are coming in, it has taken a decent start across India. Advances are better for the latter half of the day and hence we expect growth there.

83 has open to 20% occupancy in the morning shows today. The opening is decent it is neither good nor bad. If film shows growth as the day progresses then it can be said as a good start. Honestly, morning shows occupancy is a decent platform to start the box office campaign.

83 is released on a good number of screens across India. Hence, even a decent occupancy for the day will take it to a double-digit mark. However, as the film is riding on a high budget, it needs to do a business of 14-15 crore net or thereabout to start off. That is par. 

83 will also face competition from holdover releases Spider-Man No Way Home and Pushpa Hindi version. The real threat is Spider-Man as that film also doing well in multiplexes from where most of the 83 business will come. Pushpa is not much of a threat as it is doing well on single screens.

83 has received excellent reviews from critics. But again critics' reviews are of no use. It is the audience whose word of mouth is important. If word of mouth is on the positive side then there will be no stopping for the film in the coming days as Christmas and New Year holidays are still to come.


  1. Better than tattivanshi
    First day 18cr
    Lifetime 200cr tattivanshi toh gaya candian kumar toh gaya

  2. 83 will not break Salman's Antim record collections!!

  3. flop hoga syad budget 200cr hai

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