83 4th Day (Monday) Collection Early Trends

83 is showing a decent to a good hold on Monday (4th day) at the box office as the early trends for the day are coming in. Despite the good hold collections will be below the mark as night curfew is placed at many places and hence showings are reduced.

83 occupancy details for the day are given below. When samples for the day are compared to Friday then a drop of 35% is seen. Honestly, a 35 percent drop is good. But in the case of 83, Friday box office numbers were poor. Hence needed a better hold. Still, the good hold is a positive sign and hopefully, the film stays absolutely solid from here on.

The early trend suggests 83 Fourth Day Collection is heading towards the 7.5-8 (+/-) crore net range. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary. Thus, 83 four days total is heading towards 55 (+/-) crore net range. Again four day total should have been 65-60 crore net range. That would have been par. It means the film still has lots of ground to recover and needs an exceptional trending from here on.

Occupancy Report for Monday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 10-15%

Noon - 25%

Night - 45-50%


  1. Tight slap on so called critics. These critics just know how to show their useless English skills. For a common man only entertainment works.

  2. Until few years back, people would’ve laughed had someone said that a South Indian, dubbed in Hindi would do 500+ Crores business, a Hollywood movie (Avenger’s Endgame) would do a near 400 Cr biz but, Bollywood magnum opus would struggle to do even 50 Cr opening weekend. Over several years, Bollywood has antagonised a huge chunk of populace. Reasons are several, be it because of its underworld or ISI links, or due to drug dealing, nepotism, shady suicides, casting couch, Prostitution racket, dealings with shady characters like Sukesh Kumar, or for anti-Hindu propaganda. Bollywood is seriously struggling with its image issue & if it doesn’t do anything about it then sooner or later it is going to get relegated to dustbin.

  3. Well the quality of cinema is long time gone. Same with music

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