Bell Bottom 6th Day Collection Early Trends

Bell Bottom has registered a significant drop in collection on Tuesday (6th day) as early trends for the day is coming in. This is a bit surprising simply because the film showed good trending on Monday. Hence, we expected a decent hold on Tuesday.

Bell Bottom opened to low 6% occupancy in the morning shows. Film occupancy remained at a lower level in the noon shows also. The occupancy reported for noon shows was around 7-8%. The film did show some growth in the evening time and reported an occupancy of 13% or so.

Occupancy Report of Bell Bottom for Tuesday (Limited Samples only)

Morning - 6%

Noon - 7-8%

Evening - 13%

Early trends suggest Bell Bottom Sixth Day Collection is heading towards the 1.25-1.5 crore net range. These are early estimates from the limited samples we have at this moment and hence actuals may vary. Ideally, Tuesday business should have remained closer to Monday. But when samples of Tuesday are compared to Monday then there is a significant drop of 20-25%.


  1. Monday ko partial holiday tha bhai rakshaya bhandhan effect tha monday ko

  2. Declared it as a flop film �� .come on show some courtesy and the truth..

  3. Aaj jayada place mai show ko cancel kiya hai due no public

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