Bell Bottom 3rd Day Collection Early Trends

Bell Bottom is showing limited to decent growth on Saturday (day 3) at the box office. The film opened to similar occupancy in morning shows in comparison to Friday. However, it has shown a decent jump from noon onward. Despite growth in occupancy, the box office collection should remain at the lower level again. But the good news is that at least there is some kind of growth.

Bell Bottom opened to 10% occupancy in morning shows. The film recorded 15% occupancy in the noontime. As for evening film registered 20-25% occupancy. When samples of Saturday are compared to Friday there is a growth of around 10 to 20%

Occupancy Report of Bell Bottom for Saturday (Limited Samples only)

Morning - 10% (Fri 9-10%)

Noon - 15% (Fri 13-14%)

Evening - 20-25% (Fri 20%)

Very early trends suggest Bell Bottom Third Day (Saturday) Collection is heading towards a 3-3.5 crore net range. Again samples are very limited and hence actuals may vary. 

Bell Bottom 3 day total is heading towards the 9 crore net mark. As the film has shown some kind of growth on Saturday, we can expect a further jump on Sunday. A good jump on Sunday will help Bell Bottom to reach some kind of number by the end of the extended opening weekend.


  1. Sat 2.80 cr sunday 3.50 cr likhe dunga kal rakshay bhandan hai morning show mai drop hoga sunday ko 4 cr bhi nahi hoga screen shot lelo

  2. Itna chota pahle kabhi nhi hua tha 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不 bbbsssdddkkk

  3. Akki is a superstar atleast he dares to release movie in high time when everyone is looking to go safeside on OTT

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