Radhe emerges Smash HIT on the OTT, an update on Views and Earnings

Radhe has emerged as a smash hit on the OTT platform as the film has garnered a whopping 8.9 million views on Zee5 and ZeePlex in the first weekend (First Four Days). Numbers are insane considering the film is following the Pay-Per-View (PPV) model unlike most of the earlier releases which are free to view along with the normal subscription. 

Biggies like Dil Bechara and Laxmii garnered millions of views but both these mentioned films were free to view with a normal subscription. In fact, Dil Bechara could be viewed without even a need for a subscription.

The PPV model is simply non-existent prior to Radhe. Khaali Peeli released with PPV model but garnered much fewer views and was a big disaster on the digital media. Radhe also emerged as the third most-watched film on the OTT behind Dil Bechara and Laxmii. But again both these mentioned releases were free to view with the subscription.

Now coming to the earnings made by Zee because of Radhe till date. Zee has hit jackpot with Radhe. Earnings from Radhe could be close to a staggering INR 200 crores (so far) and maybe even more than that. A 170 to 180 crore of earning is almost guaranteed if we take the views into account till the end of the first weekend. These are the bare minimum figures as per our estimate.

Actual earnings could be as high as 225 or 250 crores as many subscribers might have opted for an annual Zee5 subscription which costs INR 499, in place of the usual 249 subscriptions of Radhe movie.

We hope that Zee makes some kind of official announcement on the views and earnings made by them because of Radhe. Till then we can only guess and estimate. Anyways Radhe has shown a new era of film viewing for the rest to follow. PPV model can be a success and Radhe has proved that. Now the question is whether other biggies will follow this path? Or they will go for a more conventional way (free to view with subscription) even if their films get released on the OTT platform. I think we will have some answers in the next few days for sure.


  1. Zee have given these figures. Zee may inflated these figures to make Zee look good for buying this nonsense movie.

  2. Fraud figures and repeat viewing not taken into consideration for business calculations.

  3. This Movie not Good Salman pleas show Me your iron hand 不不不 Salman this Radhe No.1 Nd your old Movie Suryavanshi no.2 Surya vanishing Head Hair golden nd chest hair black不不

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