Roohi is steady on 2nd Tuesday (13th Day), Set for a Decent Lifetime Business

Roohi is going very much steady at the box office especially on the second weekdays. The film has shown a nominal drop on 2nd Tuesday (13th day) in comparison to 2nd Monday. It means the film still has a chance of touching 25 crore net in its theatrical run in India.

Roohi added 45 lakh net approx on day 13. The film's total business thus stands at 21.15 crore net approx. The film should go close to the 22 crore net mark by the end of the second week. That means the film will need 3-3.25 crore net from the third week onward to touch 25 crore net in India. It is tough but not impossible.

Roohi's second-week business is heading towards a decent 4.5+ crore net. In normal circumstances, the film business would have been touted as below par. But these are special times and coronavirus second wave is at its peak in India. Hence, any significant theatrical business will be touted as good at this moment. In fact, it is a big thumbs up to the makers who have the courage to release their films in theatres right now.

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 (8 days) - 

Thursday - 3.05 crore net

Friday - 2.25 crore net

Saturday - 3.4 crore net

Sunday - 3.85 crore net

Monday - 1.35 crore net

Tuesday - 1.25 crore net

Wednesday - 1.2 crore net

2nd Thursday - 1 crore net

Week 2 - 

2nd Friday - 0.7 crore net

2nd Saturday - 0.95 crore net

2nd Sunday - 1.2 crore net

2nd Monday - 0.5 crore net

2nd Tuesday - 0.45 crore net

Total - 21.15 crore net

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