Mumbai Saga First Day (Friday) Box Office Collection Report, Decent Start

Mumbai Saga had a decent start at the box office on day one. The film fared poorly in multiplexes but did better on the single screens. Considering these are special times, numbers are decent and we hope that film picks up well on Saturday (second day) and Sunday (third day) now.

Mumbai Saga has collected 2.8 crore net approx on Friday. The film was the widest all-India release for any Bollywood film post-Covid 19 pandemic. Occupancy for the film for the first day remained in the 10-12% range. Occupancy is on the lower side, but because of decent screen size film manage to put up something significant on the board.

Mumbai Saga is doing better on single screens. Hence, jump on Saturday and Sunday may not be significant unless multiplexes do much better than 1st day. There is a good chance that multiplexes might show a jump as occupancy on day one was poor.

Mumbai Saga's word of mouth from critics is mixed. Initial Audience's word of mouth is mixed to positive. By the end of the day, we will have some idea of the actual word of mouth of the film. Anyways film has got a start and we do hope that film collects something significant at the box office in the coming times ahead.

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