Mulan Debuts in China, Global Box Office Report

Mulan has debuted at the China box office. However, the film has underperformed there as it grossed a below-par $23.2 million in the opening weekend. Film overall worldwide weekend business stands at $29.1 million. Thus, film worldwide total currently stands at $37.6 million.

Mulan also debuted in Russia this week and added $1.8 million in the four day weekend period. The film also debuted at places such as Ukraine, Hungary, South Africa, and Poland. The film will release in South Korea and Hong Kong next week.

Cumulative Business of Mulan so far

1. China - $23.2 million

2. Middle East - $4.0 million

3. Thailand - $2.3 million

4. Taiwan - $1.9 million

5. Russia - $1.8 million

Gross Worldwide Total - $37.6 million

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