Laxmmi Bomb All Set to Release directly in OTT Platform, Very Strong Rumour

Strong rumours are coming in that Laxmmi Bomb is all set to directly release in OTT platform (Disney+Hotstar) and that also as early as June 2020. It is an open secret that makers of Laxmmi Bomb are directly in touch with Disney+Hotstar to crack a deal. Negotiations are going on for the last 30 days or so. However, no midway was found till most recently.

Exact details are not known but Laxmmi Bomb digital price is much higher than the earlier price quoted. A combined sum of Digital + Satelite + Music Rights should be 100 crores or little more than that. That is the total sum producers will get now.

There will be no inflow of revenue from India and Overseas theatrical market.

Now the question is whether the decision is sensible or not?

Earlier in the Pre-Coronavirus era, Laxmmi Bomb was all set to get 60-70 crores from Digital + Satelite + Music rights in addition to India and Overseas theatrical returns. It means now a gain of 30-40 crores or so with a minus of zero returns from theatres. 

Had film released in theatres first, that additional 30-40 crores should have been easily recovered from India + Overseas theatres. Anyways it is the decision of makers and most importantly Akshay Kumar is also one of the producers. Nobody doubts his business acumen for sure.

With the situation in India is still out of control as Coronavirus pandemic is still going strong and is, in fact, it is on a rise. Looking into that there is a minimal chance that theatres will get open at least in May-June months. Also, there is no certainty of theatres getting open in July or even August this year.

Only time will tell whether the decision by makers is correct or not. However, there is no doubt that exhibitors and distributors circle will be furious with this news.

We know that it is just a matter of time before an official announcement. We still hope that somehow Laxmmi Bomb releases in theatres first. That is our personal opinion. Do tell us your thought on this matter in the comment section below.


  1. It's hard to understand the economics of a OTT release.
    If movie is sold for 100cr, and for example the movie cost 100cr to make, where is the profit?
    Unless the makers are trying to sell it for even higher price. We shall see!!

  2. Everyone want to see these movies in Theatres but the point is that theatres won't be opening till August-September and even when they open people may resist a little to go out to watch movies for some time. Moreover Sooryavanshi is a big release of Akshay that will be coming first in theaters. So Laxmi bomb won't be releasing for atleast 1.5-2 months after Sooryavanshi. So the wait will be much longer for all involved. So may be that could be the reason for direct to OTT release as makers don't want to wait that long...

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