Cinema Halls might open soon as Multiplex Association of India submits Fool Proof Safety Plans

Multiplex Association of India has submitted a foolproof safety plan to information and broadcasting ministry and the various state governments. As lockdown is relaxed across all states there is now a good chance that cinema halls will open although proper safety and precautionary measures need to be taken.

The exhibition sector is one of the biggest affected because of coronavirus pandemic across the world. It has been two months now since the cinema halls were last opened. As thousands and lakhs of workers are affected because of the closure of halls it is high time that halls should be opened and proper safety measures should be implemented post-COVID era.

This safety plan will be implemented for the first two months and after that, it will be reviewed. There is a good chance that theaters will open in India by mid-June or end part of June. Let's wait and see what the Govt has to say about this development.

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