Are Bollywood Upcoming Movies releasing directly in OTT Platform?

There is a lot of stuff floating in the market nowadays that upcoming Bollywood movies are all set to release in the OTT (Over The Top media service) platform (say Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc) directly without releasing in theaters. Because of these rumors have also started floating that a particular film will release in OTT soon. We went deep inside the matter and will try to tell the truth to you.

Yes, there can't be smoke without fire. Yes, producers of certain films have started negotiating with these digital platforms for directly releasing the film. Even a few big films have tried for a negotiation. But what we hear deal has not taken place as if now as the price OTT platform is giving is simply not enough. However, there are few small and medium budget films whose talks are in advance stage and deal is more or less sealed. Hence, these small and medium budgeted films might release soon directly in the OTT platform.

Without naming any big films here, we like to state that 2-3 producers of big films were approached by OTT platforms. They were given a much better digital price than earlier ones. But makers are not happy with the price tag and additional conditions attached to the deal. Plus, they are also wary of exhibitors across India who are not at all happy with the news. Hence, these makers are right now in dilemma for two reasons.

First, they are not happy with the digital right price and a few other conditions attached to the deal. Secondly, they are wary of exhibitor chains as how they will react to the deal if it goes through.

Hence, what we assume now is that chances are very less that any big films will release in the OTT platform as if now. However, if the cinema hall remains shut for a long time then some are bound to release it directly in digital platforms as big money is on stake and they can't play wait and watch anymore then.

For example, say 'A' film which is one of the most anticipated films of the year and is all ready to release in theaters. It might not release in digital platform say for the month of May or even June. But if cinema halls don't open in July or August then the scenario may completely change. 

We will keep you updated on these progress in the coming days and will let you know if there is anything more in that.

Do you think it is the right time to release movies directly in the digital platforms as cinema halls are closed? Or is it better to wait for a few more months? Do let us know your thought in the comment section below. 


  1. Cinemas will open in late July. Just wait and watch.

  2. If big films that are already postponed or will be postponed, such as Radhe, Laxmmi Bomb, Kapil Biopic, Sooryavanshi, are released in the cinema say July/August, they will crush the films already scheduled for release in July/August. This does not seem fair as the scheduled films will probably Flop against the release of the bigger postponed movies.

  3. Sooryavanshi is a theatre experience and audiences are willing to wait for few months as priority today is safety not entertainment and situation will hopefully improve in next few months so releasing on OTT platform for big films Sooryavanshi, Lakshmi Bomb and 83 eagerly awaited by audiences is not a good idea although small and medium budgeted films can release on this platform

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