10 Greatest Actors, Raees Hit or Flop, All Time Blockbusters - Q & A Part 3

1. Who are the 10 Greatest Actors in terms of box-office, popularity, impact, etc? Krishna Lall (Toronto, Canada)

Answer - It is very difficult to compare popularity from different generations for various reasons. Hence, we have tried to give major weightage to box office pull and then popularity and impact. Here is the list below:-

Top Ten Greatest Actors in terms of Box Office, Popularity and Impact on Seniority basis

1. Raj Kapoor

2. Dilip Kumar

3. Dev Anand

4. Dharmendra

5. Rajesh Khanna

6. Amitabh Bachchan

7. Sunny Deol

8. Aamir Khan

9. Salman Khan

10. Shah Rukh Khan

2. My question is SRK movie Raees was a flop or hit and does Dilip Kumar is considered the greatest actor of all time. Thank you. Shanavaz Ali

Answer - Raees which was released in 2017 is a HIT (Semi HIT to be exact). Yes, if we only consider 'acting' as a parameter then Dilip Kumar will be among Top 5 Actors of all time if not the best ever.

3. Which movies are the All-Time Blockbusters in Bollywood history? Krishna Lall (Toronto, Canada)

Answer - Check this post for details on All Time Blockbusters in Bollywood history - 

All Time Blockbusters (ATBB) at Indian Box Office - Only Bollywood Movies


  1. Where are Akshay Kumar And Ajay Devgan in your list . Biased ho tum.

  2. Where are Akki and Aj....lack of knowledge.... Shammi kapoor ...10 hits ni hoga unka

    1. Ranking is given based on Box Office Pull and Popularity. Not based on longevity or no. of hits. Read the question properly first. Cheers!

    2. What popularity? do u have any idea of Mithun, Govinda and Akshay kumar popularity? Forget about boxoffice, in TV history their movies get to score record even today.

    3. How can we forget the box office when question is about box office pull? When TV viewership will come then ranking will differ. Cheers!

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    5. addatoday, i do agree based on box office pull but box office pull itself is a combination of footfall of a few biggest hits, FF of a few underperformers, opening note, opening note in solo, opening note in variety of gener
      popularity of a star is reflected by factor i have mentioned above so there are 7 true-blue box office stars of all-time

      1.amitabh bachchan
      2.dilip Kumar
      3.salman khan
      4.rajesh khanna
      5.aamir khan
      6.shah rukh khan

    6. 1.Amitav 2.Dilip 3.Aamir 4.Rajesh 5.Shahrukh 6.Salman 7.Dharmandro

  3. It seems you have no idea about the major boxoffice pull and impact of Bollywood. Shammi kappor, Raj Kapoor, Sanjay dutt? They were for tiny miny few yrs (not even peak a span of 4/5 yrs)

    No mention of Akshay Kumar, Mithun, Govinda & Jeetendre?

    Now I got to know your credibility and knowledge quite clearly. No trust in you anymore.

    1. Raj Kapoor by no means a Tiny Miny star. He had the biggest pull and biggest opener at his peak. Shammi Kapoor was a Rebel Star who at his peak challenged the mighty trio of Raj, Dilip and Dev Anand. Rajendra Kumar was known as a Jubilee Star. And it is very difficult to compare stars from different generations. Anyways question was about Top 10 stars according to box office pull and popularity and there should not be any doubt on that. Cheers!

    2. Yes agreed about Raj Kapoor but for a very few yrs and there were hardly anyone other than the famous trio. Plus He failed miserably after a point. Dev Anand extended his stardom. And DIlip kumar well given major hits even in late 80's and early 90's. We can just give Raj kappor a postion in the top 10 purely for the few yrs of stardom. And Sanjay Dutt is even a bigger joke. Just for that 1991 to 1993? Just for the 3 yrs you have mentioned his name? Akshay kumar has given top 5 openers several times across 3 decades. Even Ajay devgan is miles ahead of Sanjay Dutt. Khalnayak was like a Padmavaat (controversial opener and nothing else). Sanjay dutt was a flop star after 1993.

  4. Yup Sanjay dutt was also a huge star wasnt he?

  5. The correct list (that also in orderly). And no way biased. Doing it purely for the love of box office history.

    Parameter is of boxoffice history (box office success, opening weekend, box office verdict)
    - Amitabh Bachchan
    - Dharmendra
    - Dilip Kumar
    - Salman Khan
    - Aamir Khan
    - Shah Rukh Khan
    - Rajesh Khanna
    - Akshay Kumar
    - Sunny Deol
    - Dev Anand

    Honorary Mention: Rajendra Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, Mithun Chakraborty, Govinda and Jeetendre

  6. Toh akshay kumar ne Addatoday walon ko chera hai? Biased log

  7. Ok so as u r saying this list is not for longevity or no of hits. Then for what basis this is the top 10 list of box office stars? For a few years of peak? If yes then what is the criteria of this peak years? 2 to 5 yrs? few single yrs? You need to specify it. You have ignored 50+ success movie stars like Akshay Kumar and Jeetendre. And put stars like Sanjay Dutt (only between 91 to 93, khalnayak was an epic controversial top success) and Shammi Kapoor (hardly few major hits and that too for very few yrs).

  8. Sanjay dutt got honorable mention is so hilarious to see. Infact Shammi kapoor, Raj Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt are mentioned for the greatest box office stars in the bollywood history is such a painful to see. Less / half study does impact the end result. Even Hrithik stardom is combinedly bigger than these 3. I am not even highlighting Akshay, Govinda and Jeetendre. This site is somewhat good and popular. Please don't ruin your users brain by putting a list which is totally wrong. History will not forgive you. And what is this based on seniority? u should put the list based on in orderly.

    1. Raj Kapoor has many hits which h are amongst biggest hit of Bollywood and Shammi Kapoor has over 20 hits and Sanjay Dutt is a superstar and has more bumper openers than aamir

  9. Ok Guys.. Chill.. We have removed the Special Mention Section. List is trimmed to just Top 10 Actors according to box office pull. Let's now stick to that. Cheers!

  10. Please add rajendra kumar sanjay dutt in the list

  11. Please add the special mentions section and dont give in to these stupid ajay akshay fans!

  12. Greatest Box Office stars could be calculated purely based on 2 judgement.

    1.Success in Multiple Genre (in actions, comedies, drama, and romantic)

    2.Longevity of the success (minimum of 15 yrs)

    Note: Not the volume of success but the period of the success. Someone who has given hits in his 5th also related that in his 18th year even with a 1/2 hits will be qualified. So here someone like Amir Khan/ Dilip Kumar (few Films) and Akshay Kumar/ Salman Khan (multiple films) both qualify.

    Based on the above criteria Bollywood has seen 9 All Time Superstars till 2020. 2 were bad luck as they could have easily outhrone and get into the list but their mistake cost them bad. And there are 2 from the current generation who could get into the All time superstar list. More on this highlighted under Note.

    So here the Greatest All Time Superstars Bollywood Has ever seen:

    (in orderly based on seniority)

    1. Dilip Kumar

    2. Dharmendra

    3. Rajesh Khanna

    4. Amitabh Bachchan

    5. Sunny Deol

    6. Aamir Khan

    7. Salman Khan

    8. Akshay Kumar

    9. Shah Rukh Khan

    10. Not Yet fully but if I have pick then it would be Hrithik Roshan (also Ajay Devgan could be added here after a few years from now)

    Note: 1. As highlighted in the no 10th position both Hrithik and Ajay could be termed as the "All Time Superstars' after to say 5/7 yrs time based on their performance.

    Note 2: From the previous generation there are 3 stars who have missed it and they all could have been "All Time Superstars" if they had done some good decision. They are Vinod Khanna, Mithun and Govinda. They had everything and huge success but they could not continue after a period and did wrong films and wrong personal decisions.

    Note 3. Now based on the "Success in Multiple Genre" category then there are 2 actors from the above list who can't qualify and they are Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol. As viewers have loved them purely in 1 genre. SRK failed to come over from the Romantic genre. And Sunny was for loud shout action movies.

    Note 4. From the current generation Akshay Kumar has a huge change to become the numero uno as he has already almost 30 yrs of stardom (longevity). And he could add another 15 yrs to it based on his fitness. And also not to forget his "Success in Multiple Genre". He has launched new genres in the last 4 yrs and viewers accept him in simply any genre. And lastly he already has 50+ success. So he could go on and achieve the unthinkable 100+ movie success (like a Sachin /Kohli in cricket). My bet would be on Akshay and Hrithik roshan from the current generation.

    Meanwhile: We do love these sort of discussion. Good work Addatoday team. You guys are quite open.

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