Baaghi 3 1st Day (Friday) Collection Early Trends, Good Day on Cards

Baaghi 3 first day is heading towards a good total as the early trends for the day is coming in. The film has started well and now it all depends on how it turns up on Saturday and Sunday.

Baaghi 3 opened to 20-25% occupancy in the morning shows today. The start is decent, considering, the film released in more than 4000 screens across India. The film showed a jump in noon time and registered occupancy of 30%.

Baaghi 3 has shown further jump from evening onward and as per the latest, it is registering occupancy of 45% or so. Night shows just started and reports are awaited. Also, major reports from interiors are awaited for the day.

Occupancy Report for Friday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 20-25%

Noon - 30%

Evening - 45%

Predicting the first day total for Baaghi 3 is a bit difficult at this moment. The main reason is film is performing very well in the single screens in the interiors. We have very limited samples of that. SS actuals come late in the day or next day in the morning.

Still, if we have to make a guess at this moment then Baaghi 3 first day business is trending towards 15-17 crore net range. A 20 crore net looks tough now unless film creates havoc in the SS, whose all India report will be received late. Anyways it is a good start and let's hope that film registers good jump on Saturday and Sunday now.


  1. 15 17 crore fantastic opening the biggest this year
    Blockbuser all thanks to SS

  2. अच्छी शुरुआत हैं

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