Malang and Shikara First Weekend Box Office Collection Report

Malang has shown limited growth on Sunday (3rd day) at the box office. Jump is decent. It is neither good nor flat. Thus, film had a decent first weekend total. Now it all depends on the hold film shows on 1st Monday (4th day) now.

Malang has collected 9.75 crore net approx on day 3 (Sunday). Jump from Saturday is around 10% which is a limited growth. Film first weekend total thus stands at 25.35 crore net approx. Ideally, the film should have been close to 30 crore net mark but it is still not that bad.

Malang Collection Breakup

Friday - 6.7 crore net

Saturday - 8.9 crore net

Sunday - 9.75 crore net

Total - 25.35 crore net approx

Shikara has gone flat on Sunday (3rd day) at the box office. The film has failed to show any kind of growth on day 3. Now it all depends on Monday (day 4) now. The film is made on a very limited budget and hence even a good hold on Monday will help the cause.

Shikara has collected 1.9 crore net approx on day 3. Shikara's first weekend total stands at 4.95 crore net approx.

Shikara Collection Breakup

Friday - 1.2 crore net

Saturday - 1.85 crore net

Sunday - 1.9 crore net

Total - 4.95 crore net approx

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