Tanhaji Fourth Day Box Office Collection, Extraordinary Hold!

Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior had an extraordinary hold on 1st Monday (4th day) at the box office. Film reported better footfall and occupancy on day 4 then day 1. This is amazing and it is truly chasing 100 crore net in the first week itself.

Tanhaji added 13.75 crore net approx on Monday. Business drop from Friday is just around 10%. There is occupancy growth on Monday which is an absolute rarity and that was in the region of 5-01% or even more at various places. Word of mouth of the film is excellent.

Tanhaji should do well on Tuesday and Wednesday also as there are partial holidays in few parts of India. It means both these days business should be in double digits. There is an outside chance of touching 100 crore net by the end of Wednesday itself. If not then it will be touched on Thursday for sure. Tanhaji is a Smash Hit and will attain this feat inside the second weekend.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday - 15.1 crore net

Saturday - 20.55 crore net

Sunday - 26.25 crore net

Monday - 13.75 crore net

Total - 75.65 crore net approx


  1. Blockbuster tanhaji
    Blockbuster tanhaji
    Blockbuster tanhaji
    Blockbuster tanhaji

  2. A double digit hold is a excellent hold and it looks like its more than excellent on the Maratha territory it's basically rage on that side. Big part of the film cost was recovered by TV rights so The movie is looking like its going to be a massive hit. First time Ajay's gamble paid off without rohit shetty. So congrats to him.

    Anyway this movie was do or die for saif and by reports he came back with vengeance.i haven't seen the movie but By many saif has outclass Ajay in this movie. Which is a good news because the last two times when the villain was equal or did better than Ajay was Singham and raid both did very good at the box-office. If saif outclass Ajay than this movie will fall into that category of the former two or that hero / villain vibe movie. Which is even greater news for this movie because it have relavancy and the familiarity what they expect from a Ajay movie. Whatever looks like saif is back again.

    Next in line is sanju baba. After burning money that he earn from sanju to that dismal last movie he made he is back to ground. And sanju baba is one those characters who have many ups and falling to the ground in his life. Kgf2 has a very good action director so the chances are high he will see up again lol

  3. High budget movie
    Final verdict Above average

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