Tanhaji 11th Day (2nd Monday) Collection Early Trends, Excellent Hold Again

Tanhaji is showing minimal drop again at the box office on 2nd Monday (day 11) as early trends for the day are coming in. Thus, very good second weekdays on cards now. Tanhaji is now truly chasing 200 crore net in India.

Tanhaji has opened to 15-17% occupancy in the morning shows. Film registered a jump in noon time to record 25% occupancy. The film has shown very good growth from the evening onward and as per the latest registering 45% occupancy. 

Occupancy Report of Tanhaji for 2nd Monday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 15-17%

Noon - 25%

Evening - 45%

The early trend suggests Tanhaji's 2nd Monday is showing a nominal drop of 30% drop approx from 2nd Friday. It means Day 11 business is trending towards a 7 crore net range. Night shows are just started and major reports from interiors are awaited. Hence, the final count for the day may go higher or lower depending on these above-mentioned factors.

Kindly note: Early estimates are made on the limited samples we have at this moment. Night shows report is awaited. Major reports from interiors are awaited. Hence, the final count for the day may be higher or lower depending on these mentioned factors.


  1. 7-8 Crs very good and achievable in final count

  2. It will earn minimum 8 crores. Trending in weekdays is the best benefit for movie. If it even shows downfall then collection of 11..14 days will be as follows.
    8,7,6,5 crores. It is only an estimate. 25 crores more would come and it is fantastic and a record in itself. A push in third weekend will help the movie to enter in 200 crore club and after that collections it will be a bonus for filmmakers.

  3. With 167.45 cr collected in 10 days and over 7 cr on 2nd Monday..what a weak weak statement here to say that its truly chasing only 200 cr.

    While fact is..almost 200 cr will be touched by end in this week itself.
    With the incredible trending..even 250 is achievable. Although it will be safe to say that even with normal trending minimum 225 cr is easily achievable.

    Week 1: 118 cr
    Week 2: 76 cr (with no special holidays)
    Week 3: 25 cr (2 big releases)
    Week 4: 7 cr
    Remaining 3 cr

    Lifetime 230 cr easily with normal trending.

    With extraordinary trending like now and with new releases failing..it has chance at 250 cr also..but that will be really tough but still has an outside shot at it.

  4. I was wrong it's day 11 biz gonna be 8.50-9 Crs range mind-blowing trend for a movie running in it's second week.

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