Panga First Weekend Box Office Collection Report

Panga has underperformed in the first weekend at the box office. The film did show huge growth on Saturday but other than that trending is poor. The film failed to register big jump on Sunday. Even Friday's start was low and poor. The film will need miraculous hold on 1st Monday otherwise will emerge as an outright flop.

Panga added 6.6 crore net approx on Sunday (day 3). Jump from Saturday is 15-20%. Such jump is ok when the film takes a good start on Friday, but in the case of the Panga jump should have been 25-30% or even more. 

Panga's first weekend total is 14.9 crore net approx. In an ideal case scenario, the opening weekend total should have been close to 20 crore net mark. That would have given the film a chance to emerge as a success.

Panga needs to stay strong on Monday now. Ideally, as the film has underperformed, Monday number should be on par or even better than Friday. That gives the film an outside chance of emerging as a success.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday - 2.7 crore net

Saturday - 5.6 crore net

Sunday - 6.6 crore net

Total - 14.9 crore net approx


  1. Abe gadhe 25 crore budget hai almost 15 crore Aa gaya hai weekdays baaki hai outright flop kaise hui be. Band kar de analysis

    1. Think you have this wrong.
      Budget is not 25cr. It is approx 45cr.
      That's why film will probably be Flop status

    2. No it has 25 cr budget if d film collect more than 40 it will be hit

  2. Flop Hona chaiye is ki milovie...bahut attitude hai isko.......

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