Good Newwz 2nd Tuesday (12th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Good Newwz had a slow and steady start again at the box office in the morning shows of 2nd Tuesday (day 12) as early samples are coming in. The film will go slow in day time also with limited growth here and there. It should see growth in the evening and night time of the day. This has been the trend for the film so far.

Good Newwz has opened to 10% occupancy in the morning shows today. Samples are from multiplexes only. For the same, the 2nd Monday opening was 11% around.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows - 

2nd Tuesday - 10% (Limited Samples, Reduced Screens)

2nd Monday - 11% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Sunday - 28-30% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Saturday - 20-22% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Friday - 12% (Reduced Screens)

Thursday - 16-17%

Wednesday - 35%

Tuesday - 20-25%

Monday - 18-19%

Sunday - 40%

Saturday - 30%

Friday - 20-25%

Good Newwz has collected 167 plus crore net approx in the first 11 days. Film is targeting 180 crore net by the end of the week. Lifetime business is trending towards 200 crore net finish with few crores up or down. The film has already attained Super Hit status.


  1. Targeting 180 cr matlab kya hain be? 182 cr hojayega after 2nd week....aur kya 200cr se kaam lifetime hoga? 205-210cr easily.... Akki on a one can beat him in Bollywood....

    1. Yes, Akshay has done amazing this year, he is a Superstar. Good Newwz is a funny film.
      But his next target has to be a 300cr film, because others have reached that figure, like Amir Salman Hrithik Ranbir Ranveer....

    2. Instead of doing 1 film in 2 years and giving 300+cr, we akkians are happy with 4 or 3 150+cr films in one year.

    3. Already crossed 260 crores world wide.

    4. Bhai jatin hit or superhit status to akki ki sabhi films mein hote hai. Waiting for a blockbuster status from him and it will be achieved on release of sooryavanshi.

  2. अक्षय कुमार 😎 2009 से 2019 तक , एक दशक में 3000 करोड़ का net कलेक्शन करने वाले पहले सुपरस्टार हैं 💪🔥🔥🔥💪


    प्रभास ओर आमिर खान के बाद

    अक्षय कुमार तीसरे एक्टर है जिन्होंने

    वर्ल्डवाइड 1000 करोड़ के आंकड़े को पार किया हैं

    आमिर खान - 2000 करोड़ (2016 - 2017)
    प्रभास - 1900 करोड़ (2017)
    अक्षय कुमार - 1100 करोड़ (2019)

    उम्मीद हैं 2020 में अक्षय कुमार वर्ल्डवाइड 1500करोड़ से ज्यादा करेगे


    1. Salman Khan kaha....gaya...2015 me do movie 1300 crore....bhul gaye kya

    2. कौनसे 1300करोड़ एक साल बाद तो चीन में फ़िल्म release होती हैं ,, आमिर के भी आधे कलेक्शन 2016 के व चीन के 2017 के

  3. Guys, this is only national wide collectikns.Already 260 crs, crossed world wide.

  4. Akshay kumar is"Mohanlal of bollywood"
    He can do any type of roles like Mohanlal...
    romance message ...etc
    everything is safe here...

  5. Good newz very nice movies akshay kumar Bollywood badshah

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