Good Newwz 13th Day (2nd Wednesday) Collection Early Trends, Steady Again

Good Newwz is sustaining very well on the second weekdays and the story is the same for 2nd Wednesday (day 13) also. The film is reporting minimal drop and set to collect well again.

Good Newwz occupancy report for day 13 is given below. 2nd Tuesday occupancy report is also given in bracket.

Occupancy Report for 2nd Wednesday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 9-10% (2nd Tue 10%)

Noon - 13-15% (2nd Tue 15%)

Evening - 20-25% (2nd Tue 25%)

The early trend suggests film 13th day business is trending towards 4-4.5 crore net range. The film is all set to touch 180 crore net by the end of the second week. The film is a Super Hit at the box office.

Kindly note: Early estimates are made on the limited samples we have at this moment. Night shows report is awaited. Major reports from interiors are awaited. Hence, the final count for the day may be higher or lower depending on these mentioned factors.


  1. Akshay Kumar Has A Historic Year

    Wednesday 08 January 2019

    Akshay Kumar has had a historic year which and is by far the star of the year with no other actor even in sight. the records have tumbled in 2019 with a cumulative total of the for Akshay Kumar starrers to be in the region of 750 crore nett and worldwide it will be the first time ever that an actor will cross 1000 crore.

    It does not stop there as the domination continued on satellite as Housefull 4, 2.0 (Hindi) and Kesari all took openings which placed them in the top ten of all time on release. Housefull 4 became that very rare film to top 2 crore impressions on first screening.

    There have been many times that an actor has givev 3 hits in a year but there is a big difference between 3 and 4 as that 4 is a rarity in history. Today most actors cant even manage to have four releases let alone 4 HITS. This is where most actors get it wrong as the fact is there are no Mughal E Azams, Sholays or Bahubalis being made in the Hindi film industry which need 200 or 300 days to shoot so its very difficult to understand how actors have just one or two releases a years. Hardly any Hindi films have any real cinematic value today and on average are 50-60 days shoots and there are 365 days in a year.

    This is where Akshay Kumar has scored over all the other actors in recent times as most of the others have gone into that zone of less work which puts pressure on the films for big numbers but as Akshay Kumar has more films there is not the pressure of doing 200 crore nett or 300 crore nett each time and he can even get away with a 100 crore nett film as long as the others do the better numbers.

    There is no actor even in sight in 2019 after Akshay Kumar as the gap is so big. The next best is probably Hrithik Roshan but even there War was a two hero film and the credit goes 50-50 with Tiger Shroff but the edge for the year going to Hrithik Roshan as his other release Super 30 did better than Tiger Shroff's other release Student Of The Year 2. The other actor in contention for second spot is Ayushmann Khurana with two solo SUPER HIT films Dream Girl and Bala but its actually a fight for 11th spot between Hrithik Roshan and Ayushmann Khurana as Akshay Kumar is actually 1-10 as far as 2019 goes. The records for Akshay Kumar in 2019 are as follows

    India Theatrical
    Kesari - 151.87 crore
    Mission Mangal - 200.67 crore
    Housefull 4 - 205.60 crore
    Good Newwz - 200 crore (expected)
    TOTAL - 750.14 crore (The previous

    Worldwide Theatrical
    Keasri - 203 crore
    Mission Mangal - 277 crore
    Housefull 4 - 293 crore
    Good Newwz - 305 crore (expected)
    TOTAL - 1078 crore (The first time that the 1000 crore mark has been broken and its unlikely to be broken many times. The previous best was 968 crore by Salman Khan in 2015)

    Actors To Give 4 or more HITS In A Year
    Rajesh Khanna (1970, 1971)
    Dharmendra (1966, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1987)
    Amitabh Bachchan (1977, 1978, 1981)
    Akshay Kumar (1994, 2007, 2019)
    Not much to say here as the other names means you are with the greats of all time and its very unlikely any contemporary of Akshay Kumar or a younger actor will join this elite list while Akshay Kumar may add another year. As mentioned above 3 HITS in a year happens but 4 is a rarity.

    Television Ratings
    2.0 (Hindi) - 1,65,13,000
    Kesari - 1,56,66,000
    Mission Mangal - 56,96,000
    Housefull 4 - 2,15,42,000
    TOTAL - 5,94,17,000 (Almost 6 crore impressions in television premieres in one year which is an insane number and could have been higher if Mission Mangal worked on television. Despite this it will be a huge record for anyone to break.

    The figures say it all and its a phenomenal year from all angles and there will be chances of a repeat next year.

  2. Wow good newwz

    175cr. Cross ho gye

    Film supethit h boss 🔥💪🔥

    अक्षय कुमार एक मेहनती कलाकार हैं और उनकी मेहनत रंग लायी है

    2019 में 4 सुपरहिट फिल्म दे हैं

    अब बारी 2020 की

    रोहित शेट्टी की "सूर्यवंशी" 27th मार्च 2020 ( अक्षय कुमार और कैटरीना कैफ की सुपरहिट जोड़ी फिर से )

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