Good Newwz 11th Day (2nd Monday) Collection Early Trends, Very Good Hold

Good Newwz is showing an extremely good hold on 2nd Monday (11th day) at the box office as early trends for the day are coming in. The film is reporting a minimal drop in occupancy. However, business drop will be more as ticket rates are lower on weekdays.

Good Newwz occupancy report for 2nd Monday (day 11) is given below. 2nd Friday occupancy is given in bracket for comparison purposes.

Occupancy Report for 2nd Monday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 10-12% (2nd Fri 11-12%)

Noon - 18-20% (2nd Fri 25%)

Evening - 25-30% (2nd Fri 35%)

The early trend suggests Good Newwz 11th day business is heading towards a respectable 5 crore net range. It means film total business at the end of 11 days is trending towards 167 plus crore net range. The film has emerged as a Super Hit at the box office.

Kindly note: Early estimates are made on the limited samples we have at this moment. Night shows report is awaited. Major reports from interiors are awaited. Hence, the final count for the day may be higher or lower depending on these mentioned factors.


  1. What do you mean by respectable 5 cr. Please use correct words.

  2. Friday to Only 15% Drop .......

    6.5cr Confirm...........

  3. अक्षय कुमार 😎 2009 से 2019 तक , एक दशक में 3000 करोड़ का net कलेक्शन करने वाले पहले सुपरस्टार हैं 💪🔥🔥🔥💪

  4. प्रभास ओर आमिर खान के बाद

    अक्षय कुमार तीसरे एक्टर है जिन्होंने

    वर्ल्डवाइड 1000 करोड़ के आंकड़े को पार किया हैं

    आमिर खान - 2000 करोड़ (2016 - 2017)
    प्रभास - 1900 करोड़ (2017)
    अक्षय कुमार - 1100 करोड़ (2019)

    उम्मीद हैं 2020 में अक्षय कुमार वर्ल्डवाइड 1500करोड़ से ज्यादा करेगे

  5. It will face tough competition from darbar-rajnikanth starrer in third weekend and from tanhaji and chhapak in third weekdays . 200 crore is not so difficult but housefull 4 collection is difficult

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