Dabangg 3 Fifth Day (Tuesday) Box Office Collection Report

Dabangg 3 has collected little higher numbers on Tuesday (day 5) in comparison to the previous day. There is the growth seen at places because of Christmas eve but again at others, there is similar numbers or even a drop. Overall, the film showed a marginal to decent jump of 10-15%.

Dabangg 3 has collected 12 crore net approx on day 5. Film total thus stands at 103.85 crore net approx. Thus, the film touched a 100 crore net mark in 5 days flat. It is one of the slowest centuries of Salman Khan's career.

Dabangg 3 should register growth on Wednesday as it is a national holiday because of Christmas. How much is the growth will be interesting to see? Ideally, the film needed to touch 20 crore net or more for the day. A 15 crore net or more will be decent and is a must. Anything below that will be extremely disappointing considering it is a national holiday today.

Collection Breakup (All Language) - 

Friday - 24.5 crore net

Saturday - 24.75 crore net

Sunday - 31.9 crore net

Monday - 10.7 crore net

Tuesday - 12 crore net

Total - 103.85 crore net approx


  1. Manipulation is at its peak.huge difference between boi n producers figures on each n every day.i know boi gives collections of hindi versions but it has also told dubbed version collections are too low.so overall big manipulation is going on.

    1. You don't seem to find out any manipulation when hoiseful4 collections were given..right
      You dumbo; just keep your dirty shit away from all this,
      Understood u fool

    2. Manupulate
      Mot daliye it's request

    3. Go and check housefull 4 trade figures. It's 205 CR so there was mere 3-4 CR difference. Well i am not Salman hater or Akshay fan but here it seems that Salman fans are not accepting that figures are inflated and the film has not performed as per the expectations. Salman should come up with a film like Tiger zinda hai to give that big grosser and not average movies like D3 or race 3

  2. Film is underperforming but now the inflation in collection is visible. According to BOI Monday and Tuesday both day collection is 9.25-9.5 CR range but here 10.7 and 12 CR figures!!! Even allowing for all languages it these are higher than actual figures.

  3. Amazing star power .Even after so much protests he managed this feat .superb
    And one more thing tiger Abhi Zinda hai

  4. Aaj ke collection se toh movie ka
    average status to confirm hai.aur 2nd week ke end tak movie hit zone mein aa jayage

  5. This manipulation should stop, there is manipulation of 10cr till now,and each day it is going.shame on you

  6. Chutiya log ki faat gayi 100 cr dheke
    200 cr toh paka hai

  7. Padmavat time mai bhi
    Trade 284 cr
    Produce figure 302 cr
    18 cr ka multipulation hai use time ka gaya chutiya log

  8. They are giving all language figures and other are giving only Hindi so all the haters you should stop manipulation ...... Dabangg 3 Is a Hit

  9. 9.25 Crores se direct 12 Crores!!!! Khullam khulla ghapa-ghup chalu hai producers ka.

    So where are those samosa munching critics who were calling HF4 figures fake? For HF4, the difference between trade & producer's figures was mere 3 crores in the end. Here, it's already 12 crores after 5 days itself. Lekin, ab koi nahin bhonkega. Bhaijaan ne haddiyan jo fenk di hai inke mooh me.

    Anyways, do whatever you want. It's is absolutely clear to all that Dabangg 3 is a flop. Forget 200 Crores, it won't even reach 145 Crores, & that too despite all the manipulations.

    1. What about housefull 4 140 ko 200 cr kiya tha
      Mission mangal 190 cr
      Diya203 cr

    2. @Ashok Kumar, Show me one trade website which said HF4 has collected only 140 Crores. BOI has given HF4 205.5 Crores & producers' figures are 209 Crores.

      Stop lying to yourself!!! If your movie has flopped & you have resorted to manipulation doesn't mean everybody else does the same. The honest fact is that Dabangg3 hasn't even crossed 100 Crores yet.

  10. 200 cr 2nd wrek mai hoga dhekna
    Good news 100 cr bhi muskil hoga

  11. Manipulation is on 🔥

    Kuch to sharam karlo sallu fans

    All version -95cr hai par sallu ne 104cr bana diya

    Sallu ke calculator me to Rakesh uncle ke calculator ko bhi beat kar diya.

    Sallu fans ko kahi Jake chullu bhar pani meim doob marna chahiye

    South se sirf 4-5cr ka business hai aur wo bhi sudeep ke Karan aur Hindi 91cr to fir 104cr kaha se aaa gaye

  12. @addatoday

    Why r u giving fake collection?

  13. Akshay tu bada neta ban rha h.. Uss Canadian ki movie aane de aisi ki taisi na krdi na phir dekhiyo..... Gali ki bearish hogi... Houseful 4 was all time flop aur ab salman ki flop movie according to haters 100 crore kr gyi, Akshay Kumar needs content based movie nhi to uski movie tees maar Khan, chal hawa aane DE

    1. You guys tried your best with HF4 & failed. Housefull 4 did 209 Crores, a number which Dabangg 3 cannot even hope to achieve now.

    2. Dhabang 3 220 cr lifetime hoga dhekna beta

  14. Average trailer, average songs made average interest for the movie.
    Bad situation for Salman and Dabangg series

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