Bollywood (Hindi) Movies with Highest Single Days at the Box Office

Here is the list of Top Bollywood and Hindi (or Hindi Dubbed) Films that had the Highest single-day returns at the Indian Box Office of all time. That means Net Theatrical Returns in India in a single day.

Jawan dominates the rankings, holding the top three positions as well as the 15th spot. Shah Rukh Khan finds himself in an exclusive club, with his films (Jawan and Pathaan) occupying six positions in the Top 10. He is competing with himself only. Animal makes its grand entry at the 4th, 6th, and 7th positions in the elusive list. Animal deserves special recognition, considering it faced the challenge of being a non-solo release and consequently had fewer screens compared to other biggies.

Biggest Single Days Ever

1. Jawan (2023) - 80.05 crore net (1st Sunday, Hindi - 71.6 cr net)

2. Jawan (2023) - 77.8 crore net (1st Saturday, Hindi - 68.7 cr net)

3. Jawan (2023) - 75 crore net (1st Thursday, Hindi - 65.5 cr net)

4. Animal (2023) - 70.7 crore net (1st Sunday, Hindi - 63.45 cr net)

5. Pathaan (2023) - 70.5 crore net (1st Thursday)

6. Animal (2023) - 67.25 crore net (1st Saturday, Hindi - 58.35 cr net)

7. Animal (2023) - 63.8 crore net (1st Friday, Hindi - 54.75 cr net)

8. Pathaan (2023) - 60.75 crore net (1st Sunday)

9. Tiger 3 (2023) - 59.25 crore net (1st Monday)

10. Pathaan (2023) - 57 crore net (1st Wednesday)

11. Gadar 2 (2023) - 55.4 crore net (1st Tuesday)

12. KGF 2 (2022) - 53.95 crore net (1st Thursday) 

13. War (2019) - 53.35 crore net (1st Wednesday)

14. Pathaan (2023) - 53.25 crore net (1st Saturday)

15. Jawan (2023) - 53.25 crore net (1st Friday, Hindi - 46.25 cr net)

16. Thugs of Hindostan (2018) - 52.25 crore net (1st Thursday)

17. Gadar 2 (2013) - 51.7 crore net (1st Sunday)

18. KGF 2 (2022) - 50.35 crore net (1st Sunday)

19. KGF 2 (2022) - 46.75 crore net (1st Friday)

20. Sanju (2018) - 46.7 crore net (1st Sunday).

21. Baahubali 2 (Hindi, 2017) - 46.5 crore net (1st Sunday).

22. Tiger Zinda Hai (2017) - 45.5 crore net (1st Sunday).

23. Happy New Year (2014) - 44.95 crore net (1st Friday)

24. Tiger 3 (2023) - 44.75 crore net (1st Tuesday)

25. Tiger 3 (2023) - 44.5 crore net (1st Sunday)

26. Gadar 2 (2023) - 43.05 crore net (1st Saturday)

27. Dangal (2016) - 42.4 crore net (1st Sunday).

28. Bharat (2019) - 42.3 crore net (1st Wednesday)

29. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo - 41.5 crore net (1st Thursday)

30. Baahubali 2 (Hindi, 2017) - 41 crore net (1st Friday).

31. Baahubali 2 (Hindi, 2017) - 40.5 crore net (1st Saturday)

32. Baahubali 2 (Hindi, 2017) - 40.25 crore net (1st Monday)

33. Gadar 2 (2023) - 40.1 crore net (1st Friday)


  1. Bollywood biggest weekdays drop

    SRK all movies

    EID weekend
    15 august
    Rakaha bandhan

    same condition

    Ra One
    DON 2

    Dilwale 130 cr Flop

    Fan 170 cr semi hit

    Raees 110 cr Disaster

  2. Aamir ACE Khan's movies Dhoom 3 & PK right on top there inspite of Christmas holiday's hpnd next weekend for both those movies. HNY ka toh was Diwali day (festival holiday) n even BB ka collection Sat & Sun was EID (festival holiday). Aamir has amazing star value without any promotions n national holidays also draws in d crowds. Respect a true legend.

    Awaiting Daangal 2016.

    1. Hny is still opening record lol amir cant beat this record👎

    2. Chutiye Chudail rouf jitna baap badlega??? At least 1 baap ka reh. Kabhi lallu to kabhi hakla. Kutte aur bhediye( lallu and hakla aur unke fans) fans sirf bheed me baar karte hai lekin sher ( Aamir) sirf akela vaar karta hai aur sab ko kha jaata hai.HNY is manipulated and we all know it's fake record. Aamir will easily break with TOH. So keep crying you dumbass asshoke.

  3. Remove happy new year and bri g in sultan day 2 and salman has same no as bahubali - 4 films.

  4. all sites i dont know for what reason hace put happy new years at 45 crore as first day when whole world knows its manipulated figure..simple means happy new year was in technically it grossed more than bahubali 2017...even krrish3 was manipulated but media only takes happy new year as official..happy new year at 45 in 2014 is impossuble by any logic and puts media in bad light

  5. Bahubali 2 ka record todana bhut muskil h 511cr.

    1. Pathaan ne tod diya hai 530 cr.... Kaunsi duniya mein hai tun

  6. Tingu fan gone. content or real life with non holidays business see it. stardaum stardum rony wala ting fan with 10 ids kaha hani

    1. parshya or sunil aj pata chall harry josh bi tu hai saly gandi nali key keery jhoot bolty sharam nai ati tuj 2 saal main ek movie dena or hit karna kon si bari baat hai barwar ass mey ley ley apni us movi ko. kabi kar ek saal main ek ya 2 movie pata chala. ganji sey pehly tha kaha tera tingu saal total flop dar flop. yeah tu is directo ko dua do 2 movies hit kar di is tingu ki warna is ki okat kahan.
      bar content content karta tha yeah dekh non holidays per business. content or same direct or koi manipulation bi nai like tingu

  7. 2 record tha Salman ke pass dono gaya. Poor Salman lifetime record to kabhi hua nehi. Shock me hain sare Salman fans. Lets hope it has legs to overtake Dangal kitne din aur Aamir khud ka record todega. Salman to thak gaya kosish karke. Hope Ranbir breaks. Anyway Sanju deserves it.

    1. bahi recor ho tu toota bi hai koi baat nai phir ban jaye gaye. manipulation tu nai hoti tingu ki tara.

    2. @Nanga Naach yes tingu Salman is king of manipulations as we all know how shamelessly tingu manipulated kick, Tingu bartan dho ke aayo and now disgrace 3. Tingu salman is king of manipulations while aamir is real who never manioulates and always gives real figures unlike coward tingu shameless salman. Aamir is far better person than tingu Salman. And That's why aamir is baap of Tingu salman in stardom and enjoys far bigger fan following.

    3. Harry josh u illiterate get lost

  8. Dangal biopic is 100 times better than sanju biopic phr b non festive sanju collects better than festive release dangal lol it clearly shows that ranbir have more stardom than stardomless amir khan😂😂😂
    Aur donsri baat Thugs diwali release cannot beat opeing and weekend of sanju 👎👎😎

    1. hahahaha

      Thoda wait karle..
      I can bet TOH will easily cross bahubali2's weekend!

      if not then i will never say Aamir is The biggest Global Megastar.Its promise to all

    2. No it will not even beat dangal weekend bahubali is faraway

    3. Ye Salman fan pagla gaye hain. Salman ka sare records tut gaya. LOL

    4. sunil ur harry josh ur parsha ur etc etc. yeah internet chor doon ga agar sultan 300 kar gayi. internet chor doon ga agar BB 300 crore kar gai. TZH 300 kar ley tu mera naam badal dena. kab taak teri yeah bawkas sunai hum. ab tu hum ko bi pata hai tu ek paid tingu fan hai. jab key hum real fan hain. tery tingu ki tu baja di us ney.

    5. Abey gadhe , Dangal me etne sexy massale nhi the jitne , sanju me the

      Dangal me buddhey k roll me b aamir cha gya tha....srk or lallu hota to Dangal 200 crore b cross nhi kar paati😂😂😂😂

      Sallu ki kachra movie dekh k tum logo ka dimaag b kachra ho gya h😂😂😂😂

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Fact is life time collection will not more then 200crores coz ppl wont like the movie.

  11. Aamir The Global Megastar is on TOP position.

    China mein bhi opening and weekend ko Dhamaka honewala hai..

    Par muze lagta hai Aamir ne TOH china mein release nahi karni chahiye.

    movie pasia Kama legi china mein par Aamir ki reputation thodi kharab ho jayegi

    China mein release karni hai toh sirf content wali movie release karo masala movies release mat Karo..

    1. Bhai nhi hogi

      China vale b apne jese fan h....vo b aamir ko massala roll me dekhna chahte h

      Oonhone Dhoom 3 ko b enjoy kiya tha

  12. Why 52.75 [Hindi + Tamil + Telugu] for Thugs of Hindostan and Why 46.7 [Only Hindi for Baahubali 2 ]. Baahubali is still India's best movie 1st day 121 crore worldwide gross.

  13. Why 52.75 Cr[Hindi + Tamil + Telugu] for Thugs of Hindostan and 46.7 [Only Hindi] for Baahubali 2. It has 121 crore world wide first day gross.It is highest Opening day grosser of India.

  14. Baahubali is South Film and earn 47 crore in hindi on first day and 500 crore in hindi only in lifetime whereas thugs of hindostan earn only 1.5 crore in South. Baahubali 2 was grand film and have pan India appeal.

  15. I think this record would last only till sunday. Sunday should be around 55 crores

  16. Sunday 55cr. would be crazy figure, but i think it wont do soo much bec bad worth of mouth

  17. वो सोमवार भी क्या नसीब वाला था , बिना हॉलिडे के monday पर बाहुबली 2 ने 40.25cr. collection kiya

    1. Bhai vo 2nd part tha movie ka....vo b adhuri khaani thi

      3idiots ka 2nd part aaye to china me hi 4000 crore ho jaaye

    2. Chup......... 2nd part tha...

      2nd ho ya 1st ,,,,
      film to thi na ,

      China ke bhrose kyo ho India me krke dikhao

  18. Ha ha ha ha.......maja aa gaya War Ka record dekhke.. khans fans hmesa opening day ko lekar bhonkte the....ab bhonko saalo...... Ye to hona hi tha......

  19. The tax rates were revised n lowered sometime back. So nett collections should be higher comparatively.How much impact does newer tax rates have on collections compared to previously taxed movies?!

  20. War all language 53 crore
    Bahubali only hindi??? U guys are a joke of a site happy to say!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Chakkians dusre Ka naam lekar khan's ko troll kr rhe h😂😂😂

  22. Just remove happy New year's position from the sixth spot. It has not collected 44.97 crores as told by red chillies. It is highly manipulated figure. Its real collection is 36 - 37 crores. Please rectify it

  23. Salman has 5 with 5 different movies wow thats amazing

  24. Most of the figures of Pathan movie are fake. There are many reports which says that the theatres are empty and tickets are availalble on Bookmyshow but the paid media is showing houseful reports. I think this is a totally fake presentation of boxoffice to save bollywood in general and Khans in particular. In last 4-5 years not a single film of Khans have succeeded so they are working overtime to prove this crap a big hit. At the time of Bahubali and KGF2 there was a huge craze and without any hype they are historical hits. Pathan movie is hype only and no substance or craze.

  25. Congratulations to SRK and YRF for Pathaan.... Very entertaining movie

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