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June 25, 2022

Pathaan Motion Poster featuring Shah Rukh Khan

Presenting Pathaan Motion Poster featuring Shah Rukh Khan.

YRF celebrates 30 glorious years of Shah Rukh Khan by releasing a motion poster of Pathaan.

Pathaan is easily one of the most awaited movies of the year 2023. The film will release on 25th January 2023 and will take a huge start at the box office.

Pathaan Motion Poster



  1. Bhai..Yeh to RAEES part 2 lag rahi hai..Hope the content is good..Motion Poster is very average

  2. 60 yr old budda PRK trying to copy South Action format 😂😂

  3. Very Poor Motion Picture..Yash Raj ki quality gir gayi hai..Outdated movie lag rahi hai..SRK ka look is not good

  4. choosa hua aam 😄😄

  5. pathaan shabd bharat me kai jagah muslman shabd ke jagah use hota hai,

    matlab koi agar islam dharm lekar muslmaan ban jata hai to usko pathaan kahte the, aaj bhi prachalan me hai kai jagah.

  6. Tiger 3 will break every existing box office records and will show south indian cinema it's "aukaat"