Why there is no clash between Dabangg 3 and Good Newwz


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December 4, 2019

Why there is no clash between Dabangg 3 and Good Newwz

Dabangg 3 and Good Newwz are two of the biggest releases of the year and both these films are releasing in the month of December. We have received lots of questions regarding the big clash between these films at the box office. And we think that there is simply no clash at all. We will tell you why.

Dabangg 3 is releasing in theaters of 20 December 2019 and it will get a good 7 days of free run at the box office and it will enjoy a solo Christmas day. Good Newwz is coming after one week on 27th December and that means a good section of audiences have already watched Dabangg 3 and they will want to enjoy Good Newwz then in the New Year festive time. 

Dabangg 3 is all set to get in excess of 4000-4500 screens for week one. Similarly, Good Newwz is all set to get 3000 screens plus for week one. These are bare minimum screen numbers. It can definitely increase. Hence, both films have the potential to collect big at the ticket counters.

In today's time when there are films releasing every week, we are bound to see some clash. In the future, there will be more clashes as the number of films is increasing every year.

Yes, there is a scenario when either of Dabangg 3 or Good Newwz will get affected because of this so-called clash. It is when either of the films turns out bad. Then the benefit will pass to the other one. However, we repeat if the film's content is good even 2000 screens are enough to rock big time as ticket prices are much higher nowadays.

Yes, both Dabangg 3 and Good Newwz are exciting projects. One stars Salman Khan who is the Numero Uno star in Bollywood. And the other one is Akshay Kumar who is having the best phase of his career. He is definitely challenging the top league now. Hence, there will sparkle on 27 December for sure among the fans and everyone is loving it. That creates more hype and buzz. 

Yes, for the fans there is a clash at the box office. But for others, there is simply no clash as both films will get enough screens. Superstars give an opening to the film for the first 2-3 days at the most. It is the film's content that tells whether the film has the potential to be a big grosser or not at the box office.


  1. The genre of the movies are also very different from each other
    1 is a single screen hardcore masala kind of movie and other is classic multiplex oriented movie

  2. One big difference is there,Karan Johar he will bring feminist topic,and elite people culture will be matched with middle class people.

  3. Hope Dabangg3 is as good as Dabangg1.
    But looking at the trailer, it looks tired and not that exciting compared to the original Dabangg1.
    Music too is not on the same or higher level.
    But hopefully Dabangg3 is a good movie.

  4. Good Newwz will affect D3 collections big time. 300cr+ for D3 could be difficult

  5. Yes I agree with you regarding clash

  6. Good newwz Definitely hit hogi

    Dabangg 3 jha 300cr. Krti wha mushkil h ,,

    Akshay Kumar full form me chal rhe Continue 11 Hit de. Chuke h

    Salman khan ko bhi Badi Hit dene ki talash h

    Clash nhi pr intresting hoga Dono film kesi performance krti h

  7. Akshay Kumar full form main hai 200 crore de raha hai
    Salman khan ki movie 200 crore de rahi hai magar aachi collection nahi deraha

    See the difference between star and superstar

    1. Yes, but also see the difference between ordinary battery and Duracell battery.
      Ek continues chakra
      Dusra ruk ruk ke thak thak ke chalta

    2. Yes,we can see the difference, who is better and sustainable in long run,where one star continues running and proving everytime from last 10 years and new one got excited with just 1 year
      See the difference

  8. Bhagwan kare dono movie superhit ho ...fan of both but 1st Salman .