Panipat Sunday and First Weekend Box Office Collection Report


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December 9, 2019

Panipat Sunday and First Weekend Box Office Collection Report

Panipat had a good trending through the weekend. The film registers good growth on both Saturday and Sunday. Despite that business is on the lower side and that is mainly because the film started very poorly on opening Friday.

Panipat is carrying hefty budget and hence it has no chance now. Even an excellent hold can't help it. It will need a miracle now. Miracle means Monday number should be above Friday numbers. Considering the budget, it needed to put up 25-30 crore net at least in the opening weekend. It is 10 crores short from that mark.

Panipat collected 7.75 crore net approx on day 3 as per estimates. Film total business thus stands at 17.65 crore net approx. The film may struggle to touch 40 crore net in India if we take the current trend into count. Means film will struggle to put up a distributor share of 20 crores from India with an enormous budget.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday - 4.1 crore net 

Saturday - 5.8 crore net

Sunday - 7.75 crore net approx

Total - 17.65 crore net approx


  1. It is now a proven fact Arjun the microbus kapoor is box-office poison. People don't want see him in cinema halls. After Govinda and sunny deol he is the next big megastar of flops. The first two where actually stars and they once made money for Bollywood but became excessively repeative and stale but I don't know how Arjun kapoor gets so movies he was never a star but also never ever was a good actor or shown any given talent.

    It's time to get rid of these megastar of flop out of Bollywood, let's face it people don't want to see their boring faces anymore.

    Next in line is saif Ali Khan. If tannaji flops than he is done, even good acting and talent can't save you if don't know the audience wants, same goes for Sanjay dutt if kgf 2 fails he is done as well.

    1. At least he tries his best and I think get your facts right, Saif Ali has talent with Omkara and Tannaji is an Ajay Devgn film. Why don't you try acting or directing since you seem keen to comment or criticize on everything. Support the industry and stop criticizing individuals.

    2. Indeed ... how come Arjun Kapoor, Saif khan , Sanjay dutt, siddhart malhotra still getting films is a miracule. So as they say , it's not what you know but who you know. Nepotisme!

    3. Don't think even in your dream that kgf chapter 2 fails

  2. Very good movie
    I watched yesterday

  3. Boring movie it will be a disaster lifetime 40-45 crs Why Ashotosh choose Arjun he is not fit as a warrior he should have chosen fit actors Poor vfx Very lengthy movie 2hrs 50 mins poor editing Overaged Villian Sanju he has no charisma now All in all loser movie for all distributors Heavy losses

  4. After Bahubali, Padmaavat, bajirao mastani, Manikarnika, etc etc, no more big scale movies please.
    After watching Panipat trailer, interest in watching these kind of movies is going down.

  5. Panipat face clash with pati patni Aur woh, maybe if he didn't face clash film going to hit taged & recover budget easily..
    Enyway film is very good & Worth watch every Indian want to watch this movie..

  6. If film flops it is because of only Arjun Kapoor.Sanjay dutt is superstar of his era,he is playing character role in this film.Responsibility of main hero to hit film