Pagalpanti vs Frozen II vs Marjaavaan vs Bala Screen Count as on 22 November 2019


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November 22, 2019

Pagalpanti vs Frozen II vs Marjaavaan vs Bala Screen Count as on 22 November 2019

As there are two big releases this week in Pagalpanti and Frozen II, old releases hardly got any screens left now. Only significant screens are with Marjaavaan and Bala and rest all are out of theaters now.

Pagalpanti is leading the screen count fight with 2900-3000 screens this week. This is a very good number and it means exhibitors are quite optimistic about this film. By evening we will get to know if it is justified to give so many screens to Pagalpanti or not.

Frozen II is the big release from Hollywood this week. It has managed an excellent 1100-1200 screens approx. Remember that all are quality screens in premium multiplexes. The film is carrying good pre-release buzz and should do good business in India.

Marjaavaan screening is significantly reduced in week 2. Still, it has just enough to have a good run. Hope film registers good occupancy all through the week. Bala screening is also reduced and it is obvious as the film is into third week. Rest films are left with very limited screens or no screens at all.

Screen Count as on 22-11-2019

Pagalpanti (Week 1) - 2900-3000 screens approx

Frozen II (Week 1) - 1100-1200 screens approx

Marjaavaan (Week 2) - 700-750 screens approx

Bala (Week 3) - 650-700 screens approx


  1. Marjavaan के साथ अच्छा नही हुआ

  2. Bala ko 3rd wk per jo mila Marajawaan ko 2nd wk per almost same mila ye to na insafi hain...Marjawaan did well... so it should have retained 1500 screens..

  3. yh glt cheez h marjavaan ko or screens deni thi