Housefull 4 3rd Wednesday (20th Day) Collection Report, Strong Again


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November 14, 2019

Housefull 4 3rd Wednesday (20th Day) Collection Report, Strong Again

Housefull 4 is still going strong at the box office despite third week is coming to an end. The film has hold extremely well on 3rd Wednesday (day 20) and set to end week three on a good note.

Housefull 4 added 1.1 crore net approx on day 20. Film registered a bit more drop than usual but that is because Tuesday was a partial holiday. Hence, drop is inevitable. Film total business currently stands at a whopping 203.55 crore net approx.

Housefull 4 should collect 204.5 crore net by the end of week three. Film lifetime business is trending towards 210 crore net mark now. It may collect more also if film continues the good trending in weeks 5 and 6. Overall film is a smash hit and a good profitable venture for all associated with it.

Collection Breakup -

Week 1 - 141.2 crore net

Week 2 - 48.3 crore net

Week 3 - 

Fri - 1.85 crore net

Sat - 2.75 crore net

Sun - 4.5 crore net

Mon - 1.6 crore net

Tue - 2.25 crore net

Wed - 1.1 crore net

Total - 203.55 crore net approx


  1. Why r u giving less collection than BOI in week 3?
    Fri 2cr
    Sat 3cr
    Sun 4.5cr
    Mon 1.75cr
    Tue 2.5cr
    Wed 1.5cr....
    U show high collections of all other movies than BOI, but in case here u r showing less....Akshay sr kya problem hain tumhara???

  2. On day 1, when the negative reviews started pouring in, who would've thought of a 210 Cr finish? Samosa munching doomsayers even predicted a sub 100 Cr disaster on the lines of Zero/JHMS/Tubelight. But they clearly underestimated Khiladi's humongous fan base & reputation he built over several years as a no-nonsense substance actor. People overlooked the critics opinion laying their firm belief in Akshay Kumar & thronged the cinema halls. This is the power of a superstar where his mere presence acts as a disruption of the natural course.

    Now wait until Sooryavanshi & trust me, this time the negativity is going to be over the roof. Already that Khan lickspittle Faridoon has started its campaign against it in his Bollywood Hungama with that fake news of Akshay-Rohit fallout. As Sooryavanshi release date approaches the samosa muching cockroach critics will crawl out of their corner spaces & start the campaign. When cornered they'll justify how they don't dislike Akshay & how much they liked Akshay's Mission Mangal & Kesari etc. But the fact is they'll appreciate Akshay & Hrithik's movies only until they don't release it on big holidays namely Diwali, Christmas, & Eid. Plus as long as the films are non-massy & appeal to a limited segment, though they had a shocker with Mission Mangal.

    1. Bhag Gaya dum daba ke Akshay ..

      Aamir khan se darr gaya

    2. Nahi Christmas par hi aa raha hai

  3. Lol,ur collections are lesser than boi ??

  4. Three Khan's equal one and only Akshay!
    Khiladi rocks

  5. This is the bahubali effect on Bollywood all movie changed all theam created a hindus history............Khan out

  6. Only Akshay Kumar Superhit movie sir