Housefull 4 2nd Wednesday (13th Day) Collection Update for Morning


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November 6, 2019

Housefull 4 2nd Wednesday (13th Day) Collection Update for Morning

Housefull 4 has again taken a steady start in the morning shows of 2nd Wednesday (day 13). As early samples have arrived film is reporting a nominal drop of just 10% or so. Still, it is a long day and we will have some idea on the business by the end of the day. Anyways morning shows the day!

Housefull 4 opened to 12-13% occupancy in the morning today. Samples are from multiplexes only. For the same previous day opening was 13-14%. 

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows -

2nd Wednesday - 12-13% (Multiplexes Samples only)

2nd Tuesday - 13-14%

2nd Monday - 15-16%

2nd Sunday - 45-50%

2nd Saturday - 30%

2nd Friday -18%

Thursday - 15-16%

Wednesday - 21-22%

Tuesday - 25%

Monday - 45%

Sunday - 30%

Saturday - 33-34%

Friday - 25-30%

Housefull 4 has collected a fantastic 182.5-183 crore net approx in the first 12 days. Film is all set to touch 190 crore net by the end of the second week. Thus, it will also emerge as a HIT by the end of the week. As for lifetime business it is trending towards 210 crore net mark. If film trends well again in the 3rd and 4th week then it can even challenge 225 crore net and have an outside chance of even emerging as a Super Hit.


  1. Week 1 - 141 Cr
    Week 2 - 50 Cr
    Week 3 - 21 Cr (Enough screens to take it this far)
    Week 4 - 7 Cr (Marjavaan is releasing, there will be loss of screens)
    Rest of the week - 6 Cr

    Lifetime Net - 225 Cr
    Verdict - Superhit
    Nosy Critics - Better luck next time
    Haters - GFU (Go F Urself)

  2. Again good Start

    फ़िल्म लगातार अच्छा कर रही हैं

  3. अक्षय कुमार का पहला एल्बम म्यूजिक वीडियो प
    भी आने वाला है , नूपुर सेनन के साथ ,,,👍👍😁😀😊🌴🌷🌴

  4. Ek khiladi sab pe bhara.Anewala time akshay ka hi.

  5. It's good and everyone should enjoy this film is fantasy

  6. Critics now you need to understand the audience . Slap yourself