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October 5, 2019

War 4th Day (Saturday) Collection Early Trends, Showing Very Good Jump!

War is showing very good growth on 1st Saturday (4th day) as early trends for the day is coming in. Film is reporting an average jump of 40-50% from 1st Friday (3rd day) as the early samples suggest. Film is heading towards a 30 crore plus finish for the day now.

War opened to good 40% occupancy in the morning shows. Film picked up a bit and registered an occupancy of 45% for the noon shows. Film has shown a further jump from evening onward and as per the latest reporting occupancy of 55%. 

Occupancy Report of War for 1st Saturday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 40% (Fri 20-25%)

Noon - 45% (Fri 25%)

Evening - 55% (Fri 40-45%)

The early trend suggests War is on track to touch or go past huge 30 crore nett for the day. In fact, current trending suggests film fourth day business is trending towards a massive 31-32 crore nett mark. These are very early estimates from limited samples. Major interior reports for the day is awaited. Plus, night shows are just about to start off and reports are awaited. Hence, the final count will be higher or lower depending on these mentioned factors.

War Four Day total is trending towards a humongous 130-132 crore nett mark. Film is now on track to easily go past 160 crore nett in the extended first weekend now.

Kindly Note - Estimates are considered from very limited samples at this moment. Hence, the actual may vary accordingly.


  1. Bhai shi boli na
    War k collection fake lgrh h
    Qki yr
    War k occupancy and thugs of hindostan k occupancy check kro addatoday today p
    Thug of hindostan screen 5000 thi
    War screen 3800+
    Dono k tickets price same he th smjho
    War today occupancy
    40 morning
    45 evening
    55 noon
    Thug of hindostan
    2nd day occupancy
    35 morning
    45+ noon
    55 evening
    Or screen zyda h thug k
    Fr sala yeh
    War ka collection q ara h shyd
    Mai kisi ko hate nh krra
    Yeh masla kya h
    Mjhe kga rh h fake h bs

    1. Bhai tera point sahi hai par iska jawab kon dega

    2. Bro 1st day collection bhi to war ka zada tha TOH se jbki occupancy to first day bhi same tha war aur TOH ka ...but war ka screen kam hai TOH bhai yaie ticket price ka huge difference hai single screen mai multiplex mai same hai almost ...but single screen mai morning show ka bhi price zada hai ..TOH ka bhut km tha price single screen pe ..isliyaie bhai

    3. Bhai iska reason ye hai ki war ka ticket price bahut jyada hai. TOH se bhi jyada, isliye km occupancy me jyada aarhe. Aur recently 300-400 screens aur add hui hai war me


  2. Kya baat, 30cr pakka.
    Zabardast action, audience going pagal in theatre.

  3. यार मेरे समझ में ये नहीं आ रहा कि लगभग 50% ऑक्युपेंसी पर 30 करोड़ कैसे हो सकते हैं

    1. 20 crore ka 50% 10 crore hua to total 30 crore hi hoga na yr

    2. Idiot ... 50 % growth.. that means friday 21 crore ..

  4. यार मेरे समझ में ये नहीं आ रहा कि लगभग 50% ऑक्युपेंसी पर 30 करोड़ कैसे हो सकते हैं

  5. Movie was pretty average, wafer thin plot line. VFX could have been better. What ever its making its making coz of Hrithik and Tiger . Second week onwards it will find tough to sustain. If the story would have been nice it would have done good business

    1. chal phot yahan se, jalne ki bu aa rahi hai, tu apni rai apne paas hi rakh. war 300 cr business karegi

    2. Tu kis movie ki baat kar raha he war is nice movie and story is awesome aur ek baat aur war me bina matlab ke song bhi nahi he tune dhari movie dekhi hogi

  6. Wom positive h , genre commercial h and with such opening it should cross 300 easily, but struggle kregi

  7. OK seen war, after watching joker yesterday, I needed something to cheer me up because joker was neither comedy or tragedy it was a masterclass misery. Well anyway this movie did cheer me up but not in a big way but good enough. The movie is really beautifully shot, many scenes does feel like a breath of air. Hrithik and tiger both did very good. The director shot the movie well but there are many flaws in his story telling and also I think he has some kind of man crush on hrithik lol. There is a lot of slow motion pose shots in this movie, a lot of unnecessary slow motion pose shots of hrithik,even in a fast moving intense bike chase scene there is a slow motion pose shot of hrithik. Hrithik is really stylish actor and he can melt his style with the scenic beauty of the surroundings but this continuous slow motion poses is a bit too much. Tiger on the other hand is not that stylish and he looks down to earth and that is good thing because it balance everything out and also the best part happens whenever he is on screen ,whenever he is on screen the story moves fast,most of the heavy lifting in action is done by tiger. There is force in his kicks but this director didn't fully understand that. Vanni looked good and was sexy but had very little to do but she was important in the story. All in all war is a beautifully shot movie with a good dosage of twist and turns , good performances and some flawed and good direction .overall a good paisa wasool movie.



  9. I don't know what sort of story are some guys asking for an action film. I watched war today and was completely blown off by the action scenes and twists in the story. I guess some people are not able to digest the wonders the Hrithik-Tiger pair is making at the box office due to their collective charisma.

  10. Guys its really strange that with extraordinary hype 7.6 WOM this is chasing only 30 Crores. If bollywood considers this as good collection then I am afraid to say Bahubaali 2 record will stay at least 10 more years.

  11. Replies
    1. Haha who is tiger?😂😂😂jiske last film super flop tha? Jiska jikar kisine v nahi kar raha.

  12. Jo bhi bhi khan ke lo#e he pehli fursat me niklo comment box me se

  13. Replies
    1. Dard ho hara hain na?? Pata hain😁😁😁