War 2nd Monday (13th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows


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October 14, 2019

War 2nd Monday (13th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows

War has opened to 11-12% occupancy in the morning shows of 2nd Monday (13th day) as early samples are arriving. The opening is somewhat similar to 2nd Thursday and a little below 2nd Friday. However, ticket prices are reduced now for the weekdays.

When morning occupancy of 2nd Monday is compared to 2nd Friday, then hold is strong. As Friday managed good growth in the evening and night time the same is expected from 2nd Monday also. As ticket prices are less now in comparison to 2nd Friday, business drop will be more than occupancy.

War has crossed 270 crore net mark in the first 12 days. The film is already a Super Hit. Film is now racing towards 300 crore net mark now. Film should touch 285-290 crore net by the end of the second week. 300 crore mark should be breached inside third week.

Occupancy Report of War for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

2nd Monday - 11-12% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Sunday - 35-40% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Saturday - 30% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Friday - 12-13% (Reduced Screens)

2nd Thursday - 11-12%

2nd Wednesday - 14-15%

Tuesday - 38-40%

Monday - 20-25%

Sunday - 50-55%

Saturday - 40%

Friday - 20-25%

Thursday - 25-30%

Wednesday - 80%

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  1. Superb picture and liked the acting done by sir Hrithik Roshan