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October 20, 2019

Vaani Kapoor Latest Images, Riding on War Success!

Presenting the latest images of 'Super Hot' Vaani Kapoor who is riding on the super success of War which is recently released in theaters and creating storm worldwide. Although she had a cameo in the film but it is crucial to the plot and well noticed by one and all. 

Hope Vaani goes strong from here on and does more Bollywood films in upcoming times. We wish her lots of success for the year ahead. Check her latest images below.

Latest Images of Vaani Kapoor


  1. I love this war movieeee

    Hritik and tiger best performance
    Vaani Kapoor is very hard wrk ,ghungroo song

    1. Loved Vaani kapoor's performance wish to see her more n her success she is a complrte package! Good actors n movie

  2. Was waiting to see her back with Bang!! n here she is.. i wish her Good luck for her future projects n wd love to see dear Vaani!! Best wishes, n superb execution of her role.

  3. She is a total, complete package