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September 3, 2019

Saaho 5th Day (Tuesday) Collection Early Trends, Big Drop!

Saaho Hindi version has registered big drop on Tuesday (5th day) at the box office as holiday weekend has come to an end. Drop was inevitable considering the film was receiving negative reports from all corners. The worrying part is that the drop is much more than the expected level.

Saaho Hindi did perform well in the first four days. However, Tuesday business is below par so far. Let's hope that the film performs well in interiors and the final count may come higher than the estimated level. Interior reports are awaited at this moment.

Saaho occupancy report for Tuesday is given below. When samples of Tuesday are compared to Monday then there is a business drop in the region of 50-55%. The occupancy drop is less though. 

Occupancy Report of Saaho for Tuesday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 13-15% (Mon 32-33%)

Noon - 15-20% (Mon 40-42%)

Evening-Night - 25-30% (Mon 40%)

Early trends suggest Saaho Hindi Fifth Day collection is trending towards  6 crore nett mark. Night shows are just started and reports are awaited. Also, major reports of interiors are awaited at this moment. Hence, the final number for the day may vary.

Kindly Note - Estimates are considered from very limited samples at this moment. Hence, the actual may vary accordingly.


  1. Not easy to stays at hindi market....this has done good so far because of bahubali wave now will see what prabash comes up with next the way he is good actor

  2. Really alarming .hope mass centres is doing gud n final numbers will be higher.

  3. Another golden opportunity missed by another idiot director. Most people didn't realize how big of a opportunity this was. Prabhas did not just came out from a Superhit movie or a blockbuster which had a footfall of 1cr or 2cr footfalls it's not even 3cr, it's was over 5cr footfalls and even that was just in the Hindi belt pan India another lv. All time blockbuster in theatre and also all time blockbuster in TV. Even if they made a ordinary OK movie, 2.5cr footfalls would have with eyes closed, 3.4 with a good movie in just Hindi belt. But all is lost because of a mediocre chut* director. Opportunity like this don't come everyday, this was probably the biggest I have yet seen. 100cr on first is no joke.

  4. 6Now please go back and read your own article of Saturday
    Saaho is a smash hit dawww
    Critics have made false criticsm dawww
    They have no idea about audience choice dawww
    Tight slap on critics face dawww

    Now, you must have found out that critics were not so wrong, they go wrong occasionally but not in such unanimous manner

  5. Just like i had predicted saaho will be like anaar initially bumper then phuss now where are those Prabas fans Kisi kone main jaake Apne zakhm chaat rahein honge

  6. Just like i had predicted saaho will be like anaar initially bumper then phuss now where are those Prabas fans Kisi kone main jaake Apne zakhm chaat rahein honge

  7. This movie earned 330 crore worldwide just because of prabhas stardom otherwise movie is not good. Prabhas is a big actor. He need to sign film smartly.

  8. Saaho (Hindi) saw a drop in collections on Tuesday which was sort of expected as it collected in the 7-8 crore nett range. The holiday factor had kept its collections up on Monday but Tuesday has fallen around 40-50% from Monday.

  9. TOH budget 310 LT 138 .. Saaho Hindi alone LT 150+ so all India it is a Hit movie.

  10. Still it collects 160+ nett in Hindi alone. Overall a hit movie

  11. 9.1 cr. . lol kal 6cr bol rha tha. . Jirdaar collection