Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, The Zoya Factor and Prassthanam Second Day (Saturday) Collection Report, Stays Flat!


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September 22, 2019

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, The Zoya Factor and Prassthanam Second Day (Saturday) Collection Report, Stays Flat!

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas and Prassthanam registered a jump in the region of 30% on day two (Saturday) from day one. Jump is there but it is simply not enough to survive at the box office.  As the film started horrifically on Friday, ideally both these film needed growth in the region of 70-80% atleast if not more.

The Zoya Factor showed a jump of 20% which is even less than PPDKP and Prassthanam. Film is going nowhere. Film is yet to touch 1 crore nett on a single day. Shockingly low performance so far.

PPDKP two day total is 2.85 crore nett, whereas Prassthanam total is 1.85 crore nett. The Zoya Factor two day total is a disastrous 1.65 crore nett. 

All these three films lifetime business may wrap up below 10 crore nett mark. PPDKP may touch it with good trending from here on. Others don't stand a chance. The Zoya Factor lifetime business may wrap under 5 crore nett mark. Absolute shocking!

Box Office Collection Details 

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas

1st Day - 1.25 crore nett

2nd Day - 1.6 crore nett

Total - 2.85 crore nett approx


1st Day - 0.8 crore nett

2nd Day - 1.05 crore nett

Total - 1.85 crore nett approx

The Zoya Factor

1st Day - 0.75 crore nett

2nd Day - 0.9 crore nett

Total - 1.65 crore nett approx


  1. Good you are giving the box-office reports of these crap together. All 3 waste of money.

    1. Again here people are commenting without watching movie & telling crap & waste of money.
      I have watched PPDKP yesterday & it was better than Dream Girls in many aspects.
      It is requested that without watching don't give crap here.

    2. PPDKP might be better than Dream Girl. If so, why such a poor start and collection for PPDKP? And Dream Girl collections/audience numbers so high?

  2. Haha, DDPKP may touch 10cr lifetime with good trending? Sounds like Flop trending.
    Don't know why it's collecting so badly!!

    1. Decent movie..unfortunately stuck between Dream girl and chichore

  3. Zoya is on the verge of being All Out!! Caught out by the audience!!
    No one can save this movie now, no more reviews left!!

  4. Ppdkp is a decent movie caught between 2 unexpectedly great trending movies like Chichorey and Dream Girl working together.

    Its still doing better than the other 2 movies with more prominent face values. Still it needs to at least sustain over 1 crore for all remaining weekdays and hope for a good Sunday to have any chance of getting close to 10 cr in week 1. Second week will be the end of its lifetime with War releasing on 2nd Oct and all screens will be gone.

    Prasthaanam n Zoya Factor are below 5 crore lifetime grossers and its a shame