Dream Girl 6th Day (Wednesday) Collection Early Trends, Superb Hold Again!


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September 18, 2019

Dream Girl 6th Day (Wednesday) Collection Early Trends, Superb Hold Again!

Dream Girl is showing a superb hold on Wednesday (6th day) at the box office as early trends for the day are coming in. Film has again registered big jump from evening onward and is heading towards a very respectable day now.

Dream Girl occupancy report for Day 6 is given below. Tuesday occupancy is also given in bracket for comparison. Film is reporting a nominal drop of just 10% or so.

Occupancy Report for Wednesday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 15-20% (Tue 19-20%)

Noon - 23-25% (Tue 28%)

Evening-Night - 45-50% (Tue 50%)

Early trend suggests Dream Girl Sixth Day Business is trending towards 6.5 crore nett mark region. These are very early estimates from limited samples. Night shows just started and major reports from interiors are awaited. Hence, the final count for the day may vary accordingly.

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  1. Ayusmann is a Real force now in the industry. With continuous hits and super hits there is nothing small about him anymore. Other than megastar Aamir and Sallu he can take on anybody now. All he is lacking now is a all time blockbuster, but if this phase continues I don't know for how it even matter. Last year he was third most profitable star after the two ranbir and ranveer and if you include china the most profitable one, this year after this movie's threatrical run ends he will again be the third most profitable star. Ayusmann is no more the puppy dog he is the bulldog