Dream Girl 3rd Friday (15th Day) Box Office Collection Report, Shows Growth!


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September 28, 2019

Dream Girl 3rd Friday (15th Day) Box Office Collection Report, Shows Growth!

Dream Girl has shown jump on 3rd Friday (15th day) at the box office. Film registered a growth of 10-15% from 2nd Thursday. As there is no major release this week film should do well till the end of 1st October.

Dream Girl added 3.4 crore nett approx on day 15. Film total thus stands at 114.2 crore nett approx. Film should touch 125 crore nett by the end of the third weekend itself. Film is now on track to touch 130 crore nett or even more.

Dream Girl is a Super Hit and highly profitable venture for all associated with it. Lifetime business is trending towards an excellent 135 crore nett approx. Film should see big jump on 3rd Saturday (16th day) as film is literally getting a free run now.

Collection Breakup -

Week 1 - 72.2 crore nett

Friday - 10.05 crore nett

Saturday - 16.4 crore nett

Sunday - 18.1 crore nett

Monday - 7.45 crore nett

Tuesday - 7.4 crore nett

Wednesday - 6.75 crore nett

Thursday - 6.05 crore nett

Week 2 - 38.6 crore nett

2nd Friday - 5.3 crore nett

2nd Saturday - 9.1 crore nett

2nd Sunday - 11.05 crore nett

2nd Monday - 3.75 crore nett

2nd Tuesday - 3.3 crore nett

2nd Wednesday - 3.1 crore nett

2nd Thursday - 3 crore nett

Week 3 - 

3rd Friday - 3.4 crore nett

Total - 114.2 crore nett


  1. Another amazing trend, both movies are rocking at the box-office.

  2. Strange yet amazing that a movie can collect more on the Friday compared to Thursday, especially with it being the 3rd Friday. But all said and done, movie is a laugh riot which audience are loving.

  3. This is Super Hit movie yaar.
    If budget 30cr, and movie collect 130cr, can it then be classed as Blockbuster?!!