Dream Girl 2nd Friday (8th Day) Collection Early Trends, Excellent Hold!


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September 20, 2019

Dream Girl 2nd Friday (8th Day) Collection Early Trends, Excellent Hold!

Dream Girl is showing an excellent hold on 2nd Friday (8th day) as early trends for the day are coming in. The film is getting benefits from poor performance of the new releases. In fact, Dream Girl is dominating the box office. The good news is that film has retained around 60% screens in week two in comparison to week one.

Dream Girl occupancy report for 2nd Friday (day 8) is given below. Film started decently and showed a big jump from the evening onward. Occupancy is better than 1st Thursday although screens are reduced. Film is all set to show a big jump on 2nd Saturday and 2nd Sunday also.

Occupancy Report for Dream Girl (Samples only) - 

Morning - 15%

Noon - 25%

Evening-Night - 50-55%

Although night shows are still to start and major reports from interiors are awaited. Still looking at the present trending, Dream Girl Eighth Day business is trending towards a fantastic 5 crore nett mark. These are early estimates from very limited samples. Final count for the day may vary accordingly.

Excellent hold on 2nd Friday has confirmed that film will enter 100 crore club inside the second week. The question is how much more it can collect. Film is now set to emerge as a Super Hit and that also before the end of week two.


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    1. अबे ओ गान्डु, ड्रीमगर्ल के बिचमे ये हाउसफुल४ कहाँ से आ गये??😈😈

  2. https://twitter.com/hardykhiladi/status/1174715239767527429?s=20

  3. Looks like dream run is set to continue

  4. OK seen the movie, dream girl is a really funny movie 😂😂😂. Scene by scene it is aim to do one thing that is to make you laugh. Ayusmann is really great in this movie and was really funny in addition to that all the supporting cast where really funny too . The writers ,the dialogue writers and the director also did their job very well. The movie is not flawless ,the movie could have used a better budget and the concept was such lot of scene where phone talking scene which could feel repeative .but all in all dream girl is a real funny movie and ayusmann was great and he deserves a bigger budget movie.