Saaho Hindi First Day Box Office Collection Report, Massive Start!


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August 31, 2019

Saaho Hindi First Day Box Office Collection Report, Massive Start!

Saaho has taken a massive start on Friday (1st day) at the box office. This is despite Friday being a normal working Friday. Buzz and hype around Saaho was huge and this transformed into the box office.

Saaho collected a massive 24.4 crore nett on day one from the Hindi version alone. All India gross from all languages is an unprecedented 100 crores.

Coming to the Hindi version only. The start of the film is massive. Film was excellent in multiplexes and was outstanding in single screens. SS will see a drop on day 2 for sure. However, multiplex should remain steady or even may show jump. Overall Saaho Saturday business should stay at a similar level to Friday. Even if there is drop it might be minimal.

Saaho should collect big in the first weekend. Monday business might also be big considering it is a partial holiday. Film initial reports are mixed but it is not having any adverse effect at the box office as if now.

We will get to know the real word of mouth by the end of 1st Monday or 1st Tuesday. But by then film Hindi version might be a HIT at the box office.


  1. what is all India collection ?

  2. OK seen sahoo and yes it true the movie is a top class wahiyat movie. I will admit like many I got fooled by the trailer. The makers made a solid trailer but one thing everyone forget to notice is that prabhas dialogue delivery in Hindi is bad. The movie starts good and there is also a good fight scene in the beginning which gets you pumped up but after that the pain begins. Prabhas Hindi delivery is bad, he should have stuck with a dubbing artist like bhahubali but he didnt. He sounds slow and like a drunk guy who is chewing something in his mouth. His forced dialogue delivery makes it hard to follow the twist and turns in story and there is so many twist and turn. Adding to this hardness there is the pain of also watching the direction of a wahiyat director. Not a one good thriller moment and this movie which is filled with twist and turn and also he put a unbearable romantic angle among all this twist and turn. Only relief you get in this movie is the item song in the beginning of the second half and this is coming from a guy who thinks item songs are mostly nuisense in movies. Overall prabhas is good only with action but rest he sucked , director is a chut*y*, Sahoo is a 300cr boring dull unbearable top class wahiyat movie.

    A large section of audience that went today and yesterday all pump up ready to give their unconditional love to the star thinking he would exceed their expectations and give them a movie like 3 idiot or Ek tha tiger are sourly disappointed because what they get is unbearable trash like hny or may be even worse. Prabhas after srk failed to become a megastar.

  3. Bro movie main jayada dikkat nhi h. Dikkat bus yahi h k Parbhas ki voice main logon ne Bahubali ko suna h. Or dusra South ki dubbed movie main artist comedy or anger dono main sahi dilvery karte h. Itne Time se hum usi type ko like kar rahe h. Yahan original voice main wo energy nhi najar aati but overall movie action lover k liye good treat h. Honestly itni bhi unbearable nhi h. Jab Salman ki crappy movie log bardast kar sakte h to ye kyun nhi. HNY jasi kachra 200 kar sakti h to ye to 300 deserve karti h.

  4. U fools aka adda were hoping for the film to falter!!
    So much freakin negativity
    The biggest slap is no hindi films have collected in excess of 100 crore in 1 day