Mission Mangal vs 2.0 vs Bharat vs Kesari Day Wise Box Office Comparison


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August 20, 2019

Mission Mangal vs 2.0 vs Bharat vs Kesari Day Wise Box Office Comparison

Below is a day-wise box office comparison of Mission Mangal vs 2.0 (Hindi) vs Bharat vs Kesari. Mission Mangal2.0 and Kesari are Thursday releases whereas Bharat is a Wednesday release. It is better to compare Mission Mangal with 2.0 Hindi business as both are Thursday releases and both had a National holiday in the extended First Weekend.

Mission Mangal total after 5 days is 106.45 crore nett whereas, 2.0 Hindi is 111 crore nett. Bharat numbers are also given just for reference but again Bharat business is much ahead of MM and 2.0. Kesari numbers are also given for reference but again it is much below the above mentioned films.

Box Office Day Wise Comparison - 

Day 1

Mission Mangal -> 29.15 cr nett
2.0 (Hindi) -> 20.25 cr nett
Bharat -> 42.3 cr nett
Kesari -> 21.05 cr nett

Day 2

Mission Mangal -> 17.25 cr nett
2.0 (Hindi) -> 18 cr nett
Bharat -> 31 cr nett
Kesari -> 16.75 cr nett

Day 3

Mission Mangal -> 23.6 cr nett
2.0 (Hindi) -> 25 cr nett
Bharat -> 22.2 cr nett
Kesari -> 18.75 cr nett

Day 4

Mission Mangal -> 27.55 cr nett
2.0 (Hindi) -> 34 cr nett
Bharat -> 26.7 cr nett
Kesari -> 21.5 cr nett

Day 5

Mission Mangal -> 8.9 cr nett
2.0 (Hindi) -> 13.75 cr nett
Bharat -> 27.9 cr nett
Kesari -> 8.25 cr nett

Total till 5 Days

Mission Mangal -> 106.45 cr nett
2.0 (Hindi) -> 111 cr nett
Bharat -> 150.1 cr nett
Kesari -> 86.3 cr nett

First Week (7 Days only) -

Mission Mangal -> N/A
2.0 (Hindi) -> 132 cr nett
Bharat -> 167.6 cr nett
Kesari -> 100 cr nett


Mission Mangal -> N/A
2.0 (Hindi) -> 189.5 cr nett
Bharat -> 210.95 cr nett
Kesari -> 155.1 cr nett

After the comparison, we can assume that Mission Mangal lifetime business should be anywhere between 2.0 Hindi and Kesari box office numbers.


  1. While u have given accurate figures for 2.0 n Kesari but u had fabricated bharats figures.bharats real figure is 193 crs.

  2. Mm n Bharat both released on national holidays while 2.0 was released on non holiday.also u need to mention the number of screens n pricing of tickets.mm had 3000 screens with clash while Bharat was released on more than 5000 screens n was solo release.

  3. Agree with jaz. . Adda today admin i think kisi aur website se copy paste krta hai

  4. Adda today ko khud jyada knowledge nhi h. . Is se jyada knowledge to ajkal ke launde rakhte h

  5. Bharat ko to utna wom nhi Mila...... comparison sultan se kr dete in sb movies Ka Jo ki 3 years phle aaya tha,aukat pta chl jata makkhians Ka😂

  6. Mission Mangal will do 155-160 crores

  7. As per BOI bharath collection is 197 cr..if all are concerned with Bharat collection of 210 cr according to other sites u should consider other movies collection from box office India..

  8. @Jazz ...jali na....tera pappa Mangal pe bhi jaayga na toh 200Cr is janam mai toh bhul hi jaa ...😊😊😊

  9. These bhaitards iq is as dumb as his idol's lol.they themselves make troll of themselves.

  10. Can anyone enumerate difference of cost between MM,2.0,Bharat N Kesari......