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August 14, 2019

Mission Mangal Advance Booking Report for 15th August, It's Very Good!

Mission Mangal is reporting very good advances at box office on 15th August 2019. Film is easily set to be the biggest opener for Akshay Kumar ever if we go by the initial trends. There are still a few good hours left for the first show to start off and advances will increase further.

Mission Mangal is reporting an advance booking of 40% for day one as per the last report (7 pm IST). This is fantastic. It means the film is sure shot to take an opening of 60% or more on Independence Day. As advances are still going on it will be even better by the start of the first show.

Going by the advances Mission Mangal is on track to collect in excess of 20 crore nett for day one. The question now arises is whether the film can challenge 25 or 30 crore nett for the day. We will have a better idea by the start of tomorrow morning. Chances are very good. Logic says a 25 plus start is for taken now. All depends on how film registers spot booking in interiors which is very crucial for a big first day total.

Still whatever happens from here on Mission Mangal is all set to the biggest opener of Akshay till date unless something miraculously wrong goes from here on. 

Advance Booking of Mission Mangal for 15th August 2019 -> 38-40%

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