Mission Mangal 6th Day (Tuesday) Collection Early Trends, Reasonable Hold


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August 20, 2019

Mission Mangal 6th Day (Tuesday) Collection Early Trends, Reasonable Hold

Mission Mangal had a reasonable hold on Tuesday (6th day) at the box office as early trends for the day is coming in. Film is reporting a drop in the region of 15% or so. The hold is decent to good but could have been better. 

Looks like 200 crore mark is now out of reach. 1st Monday and 1st Tuesday trend suggest Mission Mangal lifetime business is trending towards 150-175 crore nett region depending on how film lands on 2nd Friday now.

The occupancy report for Tuesday is given below. Monday occupancy is also provided in the bracket for comparison. 

Occupancy Report for Tuesday (Samples only) -

Morning - 13% (Mon - 15%)

Noon + Afternoon - 18-19% (Mon - 20-25%)

Evening + Night - 40% (Mon - 45%)

Early trends suggest Mission Mangal Sixth Day Collection is heading towards 7.5 crore nett region. Night shows are just started and reports are awaited. Also, major reports from interiors are awaited at this moment. Hence, the actual may vary.

Kindly Note - Estimates are considered from very limited samples at this moment. Hence, the actual may vary accordingly.


  1. To be honest no one expected 175 crores so it's a very good collection.

    1. It will run its course around 155-160 nevertheless that’s a good number as well

  2. Log janmashtmi ka wait kar rahe he.

  3. "Looks 200Cr Is Out Of Reach Now", With Such High Positive WOM And Reviews...😝😝😝
    Aukat Of Our Canadian Deshbhakt, Makkhi Bhaiya...😝😝😝
    Seems This Time Too John Kehke Le Raha Hai Makkhi Bhaiya Ka...

  4. Huge drop. Avg movie.no1 expected dis kind of drop.n

  5. dis is not considered a clash.as john is not big

  6. Ha ha aukat dekho inki bolte hai 175 CR is enough ha ha ..kal ke londe 200 CR karke baithe hai ..aur isko 30 saal ho gaya hai..dub maro chakka fans

  7. First week of 125 crores, and second weekend of 15 crores this movie aims for lifetime of 155-160 crores which is not that bad though

    Nevertheless a film with Rohit shetty will be his first movie now to cross 200 crores

  8. Akshay isn't made for 200 crore club... Kabir Singh also got the same public thumbs up and it went on to collect huge but the same is not the case with Mm. Akshay hasn't got the ability to play big and i am not here to argue with anyone... Data speaks.

  9. akki sir welldone...
    clash me 170+cr lifetime best hai..
    agar clash ni hota 225+cr hota lifetime...

  10. I'm watching a lot of haters here. People are saying that youngsters are able to deliver a 200 crores and even 300 crores for some. Well, Akshay Kumar is a different kind of Superstar. Tell me, without taking into account the numbers, one such superstar or Young generation star who could in less than three years give back-to-back more than ten successful (ranging from hit to superhit) films (airlift, housefull 3, rustom, jolly llb2, toilet ek prem katha, padman(average), gold (semi-hit), 2.0, kesari, mission mangal). On top of that, all of them have hit centuries (except padman) while the latest one have hit 150 crores (3 back-to-back). People seem to be trying to undermine his achievements. It's no joke to continuously hit centuries. Those new stars may do it once or twice. It is Indeed commendable but consistenly not a single one of them has reached that stage. We should encourage Akshay Kumar for showing tremendous Energy and terrific choice of script at this stage of his career. He has raised his status from a mere star to a huge superstar. If it continues at this pace, he soon will find himself among the megastars of the Indian cinema.

    And for all those haters who are concerned for his 200 crores films, yes it is back on the path of 200 crores. It has seen an overwhelming jump on second saturday. Anyway, whether he crosses that number or not, it doesn't matter. The content he is delivering is thought-provoking and as an actor and a superstar, Akshay Kumar Indeed has improved a lot. I congratulate him for this. Soon those barkers will get their tight slap. These are those mass film fanatics and he's coming with one film of the same genre Sooryavanshi.