Batla House 3rd Day (Saturday) Collection Early Trends, Very Good Jump!


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August 17, 2019

Batla House 3rd Day (Saturday) Collection Early Trends, Very Good Jump!

Batla House has registered very good growth on Saturday (3rd day) at the box office as early trends for the day are coming in. Film is registering growth in the region of 40-45% or so from Friday. That is fantastic news and film is now all set to collect in double digit for the day.

Batla House opened to sedate start in the morning and registered an occupancy of 22%. Film picked up well in the noon to record a good occupancy of 45%. Film further picked up from evening onward and as per latest registering a very good occupancy of 55-60%.

Occupancy Report for Saturday (Samples only) -

Morning - 22% (Fri - 15%)

Noon + Afternoon - 45% (Fri - 30%)

Evening + Night - 55-60% (Fri - 40-45%)

Early trends suggest Batla House Third Day business is all set to collect in excess of 10 crore nett mark. In fact as per current trending total for the day is heading towards 11-11.5 crore nett mark region. Still, major reports from interiors are awaited and night shows are just started. Hence, final count for the day may vary.

Kindly Note - Estimates are considered from very limited samples at this moment. Hence, the actual may vary accordingly.


  1. Batla House or Mission Mangal दोनो अच्छा प्रदर्शन कर रही हैं

    दोनो फिल्मे Clash होने के बाद भी Hit हो जाये ,
    यह बॉलीवुड इंडस्ट्री के लिए बहुत अच्छी बात है

    अब कंटेंट फिल्में सफलता की गारंटी बन गयी हैं

  2. I won't be surprised by tomorrow morning this fraud bhusan again will increase his figures by 15 to 20 percent as compared to the same way he manipulated de de pyar de n made it to cross 100 crs.shame on him ..


  4. According to boxofficeindiadotcom it should collect 9.50cr

  5. BOI always reports trade figures which are acquired from distributors. Usually Trade figures & Producer's figures are more or less same, barring some minor 2-3% differences. When there are big gaps which means that manipulation is happening. Distributors don't have any reason to lie. They are purely concerned with business. Their numbers can also be cross validated by over the counter & online ticket sales. Producers otoh have an eye on the future releases, star values, plus boosting ticket sales. If the film under performs then they wouldn't get fair price for their next release. Plus in this cut-throat industry there is always someone ready to fill in the gap if you falter. If John fails then someone else would be ready to jump in the Independence day slot given that it is big enough to accommodate 2 mid budget movies. Therefore, all this manipulation is being done. The idea is to somehow push BH into 100 Crore club. Nobody had anticipated Mission Mangal to perform so very well. It was assumed that it would be somewhere in the usual Akshay Kumar category of 125-130 crore range. That movie is now doing blockbuster business & likely to get into 200 Cr club. If Batla House stops at anticipated 75 Crore then it'll be termed as under performer against MM. John Abraham has already announced SMJ2 for Independence day 2020. That release could get into trouble if BH fails before MM.