Super 30 is Rocking on 2nd Sunday (10th Day) at Box Office, Houseful Everywhere!


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July 21, 2019

Super 30 is Rocking on 2nd Sunday (10th Day) at Box Office, Houseful Everywhere!

Super 30 is simply rocking at box office on 2nd Sunday (10th day) as early samples for morning and noon shows are coming in. As per latest film is reporting Houseful shows across India in noon time. Even morning start is much better than both 2nd Friday and 2nd Saturday. As per early trends, film is surely heading for a double digit finish for the day.

Super 30 opened to very good 35% occupancy in morning shows today. Film simply gone crazy in noon time and is recording an occupancy of 80-85%. Many shows are report Sold Out or near about Sold Out. 

There will be drop in evening and night time today as tomorrow is Monday. But again drop may not be significant as family audiences are liking the film and they may come out in numbers in later half of the day also. We expect a strong hold in evening and night shows. 2nd Saturday occupancy report is given in bracket for comparison.

Occupancy Report for 2nd Sunday (Samples only) -

Morning  - 35% (2nd Sat 25%)

Noon - 80-85% (2nd Sat - 50-55%)

Evening - Night - N/A (2nd Sat - 75%)

Super 30 has collected nearly 88.8 crore nett in first 9 days. Film should go close to or even overhaul 100 crore nett by the end of second weekend itself. Going by the trend for Sunday so far, film is on track to collect 10-11+ crore nett. That means film should collect 99-100+ crore nett by the end of 2nd weekend.


  1. Are...Kya movie banai he...hats of to Hrithik's a masterpiece

  2. Superb movie every one should watch

  3. Going by the trends, movie shows big growth in weekends and steady during weekdays. 150 cr is certainly possible if next few week's holds are good.

  4. Wow very good news...Hrithik is back in a grand way....

    1. what do you mean by he is back? he was there and will always be. wait for his next with tiger box office will be destroyed

  5. Guys if the movie is a masterpiece the trending for the weekday should have been way better. But there is still hope.