Kabir Singh juggernaut continues on 3rd Tuesday (19th Day) despite World Cup Semi Final Match

July 10, 2019

Kabir Singh juggernaut continues on 3rd Tuesday (19th Day) despite World Cup Semi Final Match

Kabir Singh has shown minimal affect at box office on 3rd Tuesday (19th Day) because of world cup semi final cricket match between India and New Zealand. Yes, there is drop but again film is doing well and is heading towards an excellent 3rd week.

Kabir Singh has added 3.2 crore nett on day 19. Film had a loss of 50-60 lakh nett because of cricket match for the day. Film has thus crossed 240 crore nett in India and total stands at 243.1 crore nett mark.

As cricket match is suspended to reserve day that is Wednesday, film will again have an impact because of cricket match on 3rd Wednesday (20th day). However drop should be significant but not that huge. There may come a possibility that 3rd Thursday collection may remain close or even ahead of 3rd Wednesday or even 3rd Tuesday for that matter.

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 - 134.4 crore nett

Week 2 - 78.75 crore nett

Week 3 - 

Fri - 5.4 crore nett

Sat - 7.5 crore nett

Sun - 9.6 crore nett

Mon - 4.25 crore nett

Tue - 3.2 crore nett

Total - 243.1 crore nett approx

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  5. 3rd week collection will be higher than all Salman movies in 3rd week...the so called superstar 😷😂😂


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