Kabir Singh 2nd Tuesday (12th Day) Box Office Collection Report, Outstanding Hold Again!

July 3, 2019

Kabir Singh 2nd Tuesday (12th Day) Box Office Collection Report, Outstanding Hold Again!

Kabir Singh has shown outstanding hold on 2nd Tuesday (day 12) despite there being a cricket match. Film is simply unstoppable at box office and is trending and behaving like a proper 300 crore film.

Kabir Singh has added an excellent 8.25 crore nett on day 12. Film registered a drop of just 8-10% from previous day. This is fantastic and without cricket match numbers could have been even closer.

Kabir Singh total collection thus stands at whopping 198.85 crore nett. Film is all set to zoom past 200 crore mark on day 13 now. 

As far as lifetime business is concerned, solid hold in second weekdays has ensured that film will go past 250 crore nett in India. Film should even touch 275 crore nett. If hold on 3rd Friday is very good then film can even challenge unprecedented 300 crore mark in India. Blockbuster!

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 - 134.4 crore nett

2nd Friday - 12.2 crore nett

2nd Saturday - 17.1 crore nett

2nd Sunday - 17.85 crore nett

2nd Monday - 9.05 crore nett

2nd Tuesday - 8.25 crore nett

Total - 198.85 crore nett approx

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  1. Kabir Singh v Bharat All India Comparison

    Kabir Singh has caught the business of Bharat in just twelve days. The three week numbers of Bharat and the twelve day number of Kabir Singh are almost similar. The biggest difference is Mumbai circuit where Kabir Singh is way ahead in just 12 days. Kabir Singh will do around 25-30 crore nett more than Bharat in just Mumbai circuit.

    Below are the all India twelve day numbers of Kabir Singh compared to the three week numbers of Bharat,


    Bharat - 53,87,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 64,75,00,000

    Delhi / UP

    Bharat - 45,72,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 43,75,00,000


    East Punjab

    Bharat - 17,15,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 17,20,00,000


    Bharat - 11,08,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 10,96,00,000

    CP Berar

    Bharat - 10,47,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 11,59,00,000


    Bharat - 7,44,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 8,31,00,000

    Nizam / Andhra

    Bharat - 11,93,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 8,60,00,000


    Bharat - 9,76,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 7,85,00,000

    Tamil Nadu / Kerala

    Bharat - 2,97,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 2,25,00,000

    West Bengal

    Bharat - 9,54,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 8,69,00,000


    Bharat - 6,79,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 6,18,00,000


    Bharat - 2,62,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 2,95,00,000


    Bharat - 2,83,00,000

    Kabir Singh - 2,82,00,000


    Bharat - 1,96,73,00,000 (23 days)

    Kabir Singh - 1,95,80,00,000 (12 days)

  2. Thats the power of the so called superstar Salman Khan 😂😂😂

  3. Megastar ko ab sahid mar raha

    Kya aukat rah gai bhai jaan ki😀😀💦💦


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