July 10, 2019

Article 15 got affected on 2nd Tuesday (12th Day) because of World Cup Semi Final Cricket Match

Article 15 got affected significantly because of world cup semi final cricket match between India and New Zealand. Film had a loss of 45-50 lakh nett which is significant when we check that collections are on lower level. 

Film might have another such affect on 2nd Wednesday also as play is suspended to Wednesday. Means a overall loss estimated in the range of 1 crore nett in two days. There is already loss in past because of cricket match and may be more in coming days. By now if there had been no cricket match film should have sitting pretty in 50 crore mark.

Article 15 has added 1.3 crore nett approx on day 12. Film total stands at 49.5 crore nett approx. Film will definitely touch 50 crore nett on 2nd Wednesday (day 13), but again film should have reached the target 1-2 days before. Film lifetime collection is trending towards 60-65 crore nett which means it should emerge as a HIT in its theatrical run in India.

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 - 34.2 crore nett

Week 2 - 

Fri - 2.65 crore nett

Sat - 4 crore nett

Sun - 5.35 crore nett

Mon - 2 crore nett

Tue - 1.3 crore nett

Total - 49.5 crore nett

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